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The Twelve Principals of Living a Conscious and Purposeful Life

Who's up for a challenge and wants to create a change in their lives?


Part of the reason for taking a five week trip to Nicaragua this year was to record this online twelve week course! I wanted to capture the beauty of the natural surroundings that symbolizes the beauty in you. Many of us are looking for more depth, clarity and ease in our lives which is precisely why I decided to create this transformational program.


The Twelve Principles of Living a Conscious and Purposeful Life is a spiritual practice program that you can complete in your own time, at your own pace and according to your own schedule.


The idea is that you listen to one lesson a week and then practice it for seven days before listening to the next week's lesson. At which time you then practice the new principle along with the previous principle(s) that you have already watched until you reach week twelve. 

This program is designed for those looking to deepen their connection with their higher self, that part of you that knows exactly what you need and lines things up in perfect synchronized fashion making life flow almost seamlessly. It will take a certain degree of diligence and courage to challenge yourself to stick with it but I promise that if you do, you will see results!!


Please feel free to watch the introduction video to this course above if you are curious and would like to know more. I hope you will join me and others on this magical journey of self empowerment and discovery. Why wait! Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Embrace your divine beauty by nourishing your soul through The Twelve Principles of Living a Conscious and Purposeful Life!

If you are looking to create a spiritual practice easily and quickly then you can purchase this amazing course now and I will send you a custom USB with The Twelve Principles videos as well as a closing video and a bonus video for fun. 

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Much love to all of you!

~Stephanie Banks