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Letting Go

Letting go is truly a challenging feat, and one that most of us have difficulties with. Letting go is a simple act of allowing ego to take a break, to take the day off so to say. The ego grabs a hold of what it knows and hangs on for dear life. It does not know of greater things to come or of opportunities that may be presenting themselves, as it does not engage from the same perspective of soul. It only knows what it has experienced and is afraid to try something new. By simply having this awareness it becomes easier to let go.

The higher mind resides in a place with a greater perspective and if allowed to work its magic it will direct you in the most appropriate way aligning all the synchronicities to unfold that will most benefit your course. If ego is not politely asked to step aside and allow the soul to connect with its source, the soul will wait patiently for this to happen. It is in this time of space that the waters become choppy and there is resistance being applied.

What does resistance do? It inhibits flow. What does flow create? Moving and balanced energy. What does moving and balanced energy create? A healthy mind, body and soul. Is this not what we are all striving for? If this is not your primary focus then it may be time to re-examine your life and how you go about living it. This is where letting go of old belief systems will be applicable. Ask yourself if how you are living your life is how you would like to be living, or if you have adopted the ways and the means of others.

If the result of this inward reflection shows you that you have been neglecting your own soul and the nurturing of it, then put ego off to the side and make the changes you feel you need to make. Often times this is easier to ponder than it is to actually put into action but that in and of itself is a belief system. Through this process of self-reflection you may discover belief systems that you did not realize that you had within you. The process of getting to know ones self is rewarding and beautiful if you choose it to be so. Relax and enjoy.

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