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With Love from the Other Side

Good evening friends, energetic beings, guiding lights of magnetic energy. We welcome you as the beautiful beings that you are, sensuous, compassionate, sensitive, understanding, magnificent and brilliant. These are the words that we believe should be infused into your DNA structure, into the deepest part of you as a knowing. As a complete knowing and as a understanding that all of you, no matter where you come from. No matter your walk of life, cultural background, family history, gender, colour, height or your waist size, none of these things matter, as they are all external.

These are all aspects of your physical creation yet they are not an aspect of your soul. That part of you which resides in the divine, that part of you which has come from the creation of source, an energetic vibration that moves your world and moves the planets. That symbolizes one thing and one thing only, and that as you know dear friends is love.

The understanding that all of you are loved equally with no limitations and no boundaries. Our love for you is endless, it is boundless and is beautiful. Now it is time for you to love yourselves as much as we love you. It’s time for you to love each other as much as we love you. It is time for you to share that love, that divine aspect of you, that magnificent creation, and to share it in every way that you possibly can.

From the start of your day to the end of your day and in every day that comes your way. Until that last breath in this life time may you have the knowing and the willingness to accept one another as equal aspects of source, equal parts of the whole that comprise the one.

We are here as a gentle reminder to urge you to find it in your heart to express this kind of love daily, moment to moment. To express it until each day of your life has passed and at which time when you return to source, to that place at which we reside that you will remember fully why you are practicing this act of love. It is in this act that you will find completeness, you will feel the wholeness of who you are and the magnificence of your structure. There is no other way to this divinity aside from love.

Everything else is an illusion. They are a construct of the imagination. They are a part of the perceptual experience that you have chosen and they are important aspects of being a human being but they are an illusion. These acts of anger, aggressiveness, harshness, cruelty, competition, frustration, irritability, and down right hatred are illusions of who you are. These are not your authentic being.

It is part of our divine plan to reiterate the importance of this message. To bring it to your attention yet again as a gentle reminder that this is who you are, this is why you are here. You are here to care, to be of service, to be inspired and to be inspiring, to nurture and to be nurtured, to support and to be supported.

We marvel at your diligence as you unravel your stories in the individual ways that you do. We support, we guide, we love and we are here in whatever capacity you choose for us to be here. We are in the wings in the background. Observing, noticing and taking note of things that we might think are important to discuss. We would never breach our contract that we have with you and although this contract is not in writing, it is a mutual agreement that we will not step in the way. We will only lead as you ask, we will only remind as we read your energy and observe that this is what you are wanting. That this is what you are ready for.

Ask and you shall receive but we will never ever take you by the hand and tell you what to do. We will guide yes, and we will support always, but you are free choice beings and within this idea of being a free choice being you must learn for yourselves. You must experience life in the ways that you have planned. You may choose to change your course in any moment and you may choose to ask us to help and bring you guidance and know within your heart that the guidance that we share with you will always be in your best interest. We will never lead you astray.

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