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"Life is a magical expression

of profound possibilities"

~ Stephanie Banks

Option 1


Private Online Solomon Session 

Solomon represents a collective consciousness from the non-physical realm who’s primary objective is to facilitate inner transformation within us. The answers to all of life’s questions lie within but sometimes it is difficult to hear our inner voice due to the chatter of our mind. Solomon quiets that noise through his calm and direct approach to our problems allowing us to see our life clearly and simplistically.

He has offered profound guidance to others and can do the same for you. A personal session with Solomon is a magical, indescribable experience. Sessions generally last an hour but we leave that to Solomon. This is a unique opportunity to bring clarity into your life through one on one conversation with a collective consciousness who know exactly what you are in need of the most.

Option 2

Written Message with Consultation

I will write you a message per your detailed request, then scan and email this message so you may see the hand communicating to you. We will then schedule a time to connect via Zoom or phone, and have a 20 minute consultation. While writing I sometimes receive pictures and emotions that are often helpful in the translation.

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3

Written Message

I will write you a message as per your detailed request and will then scan and email this message to you so you might see the hand that is communicating with you. Later, if you have any further questions regarding the message you received, you can email me and I will get back to you in a timely fashion.

Option 3



The Twelve Principles of Living A Purposeful Life Course

Comes with USB, Principle cards

and Awaken Journal

A Soulful Awakening

Signed Copy

$79.99 + shipping

$20 + Shipping

Energetic Cleanse Meditation Download

This Energetic Cleanse Meditation is a 17 minute meditation that was channeled by Stephanie Banks from a collective consciousness named Solomon. This meditation is designed to allow you to move and release stagnant energies that create blockages within your body. By releasing these stagnant energies you allow for the release of energetic limitations that are holding you back from having a clear connection with your higher self.

By creating a stronger connection to your higher self you allow yourself more space to receive your intuitive messages that are the direct guidance from your higher self which will allow for you to gain clarity and certain direction moving forward on your journey.



Download Full Meditation Now

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