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A Soulful Awakening


A Soulful Awakening is a wonderfully written account of a profound experience that we can all benefit and learn from. This is truly a magnificent message to all about our origins and our connectedness to each other and all that exists within this universe. This is a must read for anyone who asks the question…is there more to life than what we see, hear and experience.



I very much enjoyed this very good book. It s a great read. Stephanie shares based on her true life stories. This book is well written and from the heart and soul of the author. This book will challenge you to look within and the way you look at life. Thank you Stephanie, for sharing your story.

~David Commancais


Stephanie Banks wrote an amazing book, a book I could not put down and read in a matter of 2 days. This book came to me at a time when I needed it the most. If you think there is nothing more to life than this physical existence we are currently experiencing – Think Again!! Read the book, you’ll be glad you did. I give it two thumbs up! I truly enjoyed this book and the exciting content within each page kept me glued to this book.

~Janice D.


Stephanie’s authentic and humble approach throughout the book is refreshing. She shares her personal story, fears and beliefs in a genuine and inspiring way. We all come from a different backgrounds and ethnicities, yet this book hits a cord across all beliefs. We are all on a journey and this insightful book provides some clarity, where perhaps the waters appear muddy in our lives.



I loved the messages from all the guides as well as the learning points Stephanie shares based on her true life stories. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Stephanie via telephone and feel I have made a wonderful new friend across many miles! Stephanie is the real deal and the book is as inspiring as the author herself. Buy the book and be inspired to live your best life…it’s possible and Stephanie shows us many ways to reach our blissful realities that are waiting!

~Connie W.


I read this book in one day, something I’ve never done before, I might add.   The fact that Stephanie is here to tell her story is nothing short of a miracle.  She shares with her readers all the information she’s received from her other-worldly visitors.   It is a very enlightening and helpful book on how to enrich your life and your soul and I highly recommend it to everyone.


A Soulful Awakening brings the reality of Love, Truth, and Life to the fore in such practical and understandable fashion. The author is not shy about revealing what she knows of these vital essences of life and how to bring them into ones everyday life. Her perspectives on transformation, uniqueness, and oneness can bring relief to those searching for understanding around such matters. There are very real and beautiful descriptions of shining the light of our being via such means as humility, wisdom, forgiveness, choice, integrity, acceptance, and much more. Her approach to with the presence of anger, fear, hate, judgment, greed etc. is such a gift for those with eyes to see and longing to understand. Well worth the read!



I would like to thank Stephanie so much for this incredible book, it is so full of inspiration and insight. A Soulful Awakening is a wonderful mixture of personal stories and experiences from Stephanie’s life combined with insight and wisdom from spiritual guides and teachers. I encourage anyone who reads this book to do more than simply read the words because if you allow yourself to absorb the sage advice throughout this guide you will find that it will undoubtedly change your perspective of life and assist you in finding greater meaning and purpose in your own life. This is a book, which I will be buying several copies of to share and give to others in my life.


A Super Read… Exciting!

I’ve never written a book review in my life, but this time I somehow feel compelled to share my feelings. This is a book that dares to be different, and somehow it touched me in a unique and impactful way. The messages that Stephanie received from her guides or helpers were certainly inspiring and definitely have important messages for each of us, but really, to be honest, what I found most interesting was Stephanie’s personal story. It was simply riveting! I had a hard time putting it down so I could go to sleep. The stories were really fascinating and stirred up many emotions! I think that many of you, if you do decide to read this book, will relate portions of your own life to many of her personal stories, and will find a great deal of hope, inspiration and purpose… a definite recommendation and time well spent!

~Norm Prosser


This is a fantastic book to read because the author’s brave baring of her personal journey is as interesting as the inspiring insight she has received from it all. It’s a fresh breath and reminder to be all you can, but not in the typical kind of book. Thank you Stephanie for writing this!



Two thumbs up!! This book was great; very insightful.  A real page-turner!



"Life is a magical expression

of profound possibilities"

~ Stephanie Banks



I enjoyed the experience of seeing Stephanie share her beautiful connection with Solomon. The information received from Solomon was full of wisdom & guidance.
Stephanie’s channeling sessions with Solomon provide support and encourage spiritual growth.
I encourage people to attend, as the messages shared were loving, motivating and elevating.

I had an amazing experience with the Solomon live channeling workshop. I’ve used some of his advice and it gave me such good energy and a better understanding of everything around me and within me. THANK YOU for inviting me be part of it!
~Annette Tahan

These sessions provide a deep sense of connection, wisdom and clarity. The presence of Solomon is felt in the room and easily keeps the listeners present and engaged.
~Jen Larsen

I very much appreciated the channeling that Stephanie offered of the Solomon group. The question I asked and the answer I received was very important to my life and my way of thinking right now. Because I have heard at least a half dozen very good channeler’s over the past twenty five years, I feel confident in saying that I perceived the level of information given by the Solomon group to be trustworthy, intelligent and wise. I appreciated that they dispelled unrealistic ways of thinking and encouraged each questioner to be empowered by being responsible for their own choices. I would certainly attend in their audience again and encourage others to feel safe in asking for guidance without any loss to their own integrity and free will.
~Patricia Kristie, MA. RCC

Dear Stephanie and Solomon,
Steve and everyone involved ….

I am writing to express my personal gratitude in sharing and attending the Penticton meeting.

Personally I believe, that everyone should take the opportunity to experience such profound loving vibration, for evolving and understanding the joy one can find in doing so. To share an afternoon with you and Solomon has moved me in the deepest way and one can only call it a beautiful experience, if one would try to even put it into words. The high vibration experienced and wisdom shared by Solomon, has created new energy, which I can still call upon after the days passed. Solomon is easy to understand in the deepest sense, he is witty and throughout the sharing, one could only but smile. Even though I had no questions to ask at the outset, he surely has answered many, which I did not even know I had to ask. Thank you so much for this wonderful and profound experience….

Knowing that Solomon’s sharing, and choosing you Stephanie a beautiful soul to do so, will have a profound effect on many, I am looking forward to walking alongside…

Peace and light  

~Kandy Ware

I had the pleasure to attend a Challenging event with Stephanie Banks. She gave us an informative introduction about her near death experience, which opened the door to her having the gift to channel Solomon. She receives direct messages from Solomon. We were made to feel very welcomed to ask questions. Each person’s questions where answered with a clear message from Solomon with insight for us all as humans. As a group we all learn so much and received great wisdom by listening to each others questions and answers. The questions I asked he gave me inspirational answers and he also seemed to understand my questions with a knowing of the situations. The event with Stephanie Banks was a very joyful and inspiration afternoon. I look forward to attending more events.
~Maria O’Farrell Carr

Great to meet you Stef. Glad I listened. You are authentic and genuine and I feel that you are doing a great service with your channeling. Nice to see how excited you and your hubby and your support team are. I can see you doing very well as you expand your work. I think that you have a real advantage NOT to have all the years of New Age makyo to release and just be true to you and your messages. It was refreshing to see that.

I really enjoyed Saturday. Channeling is something I am intrigued by. I recognize the influence of my most predominant spirit guide Bruce and was curious as to how Solomon would present. Much of what he relayed I have already internalized in my life. Which, as you can imagine, was very comforting. I will definitely look for future opportunities in which to spend time with you and Steve! I am sure our paths will cross again. I am also looking forward to the link as I think hearing Solomon’s words again will be worthwhile. There were a few times I wanted to absorb more deeply. What a gift. Thank you.

What a wonderful night I experienced Jan 3rd 2016 as we got to see Stephanie’s channeling qualities for the first time in front of a group. Solomon spoke about being truly authentic and pointing us or reminding to what the deeper truth of being is. In this sharing we heard that when we have a deeper recognition of our own true self in perfect light and love sprinkled with gratitude we are better aligned and connected to source on a conscious level. Solomon took the time to remind people they are an energetic vibration and we can reprogram at any time back to true light and love therefore staying authentic and everything else is an illusion as that which created me also supports me in absolutely everything I do. I have much gratitude and love that you were able to share your gifts with me. I encourage people to attend as it is transformational.


The evening was a Great experience. Stephanie and Steve are such warm and generous people, and Solomon through Stephanie is a clear powerful vibration from the wisdom of the ages. I feel so honored to have been acknowledged as the hypnotherapist that helped establish the verbal channeling connection between Solomon and Stephanie Banks. We have watched the evolution of Stephanie over the past few years, and the world needs this insight these days. Warm hugs and best wishes to your ongoing journey.
~Cam Grant and Marcia Julian

Wonderful experience! The addition of the crystals made the evening more powerful I’m sure. Solomon is a wealth of knowledge and guidance and I so look forward to getting to know them more.

Channeling Solomon by Stephanie Banks
I would like to extend a sincere and spirited thank you to Stephanie Banks, author of A Soulful Awakening for inviting me last night to a private channeling of Solomon.
Solomon shared with us important information on how to live our lives in a healthy, joyful, meaningful and authentic way. The information coming across was of a higher dimension that could be felt in the room by myself and all who attended.
It was truly a pleasure to feel that magnitude of connection and I thank you again Stephanie and Steve for such a wondering and magical evening.

I am writing you today to thank you for having the courage and strength to channel Solomon. It’s a true honor for me to take part in these teachings. The messages come through in ways that are really close to my heart, I understand the lessons and am able to apply them to my life. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. keep up the amazing work!!!
with love and light from 

~Hubert Bourne

A couple of weeks ago I met this amazing young woman at a preview of a movie being shown at the University. Her heart felt authenticity stayed with me long after we parted and I then decided I had to attend the workshop, "Dancing with Divinity".

The day for me was a "homecoming " .... Being reunited with spirit was coming home.... Having just moved to Kamloops, the transition has been a difficult one, in that, I have felt totally disconnected and that day was pivotal in me reconnecting with myself.. it was a very welcome reconnection and I have celebrated every day since with an" attitude of gratitude" . Though Solomon's message is for everyone the essence of it is for each and everyone of us. I look forward with anticipation to the next message. I am so very grateful and thankful that I listened to my own intuition and decided to go.

~ Marilyn Elliott

Stephanie Banks is an incredible spirit and a healer! I have attended some workshops with her recently, and have had the pleasure of participating in a channeling with Solomon. The wisdom, love, care and kindness she brings to the world is absolutely inspiring, and I feel I have learned so much from her about listening to my heart and looking for the synchronicities around me. I recommend that if you have the chance to, connect with Stephanie for a reading or a workshop well worth it! 

~ Amy Anderson

Stephanie is a beautiful soul to be in the presence of. It is an incredible experience to watch her channel Solomon. Stephanie is also so giving with her time. I'm beginning to channel and Stephanie sat down to personally give me insight and advise on the experience.

~ Jessica Ann Shaw

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