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Creating A Spiritual Practice for 2020

with Stephanie Banks

Sereen Spirit Healing & Retreat Centre

1138 Gregory Road, West Kelowna, BC, V1Z 3A6

Tickets: $88


What would you like to manifest in your life in 2020? How do you create the life you desire? What changes are you wanting and what are you looking to expand upon? Better health, more money, a different career, travel, more leisure time? Understanding, developing and practicing your spiritual connection is the key to manifestation.


What is spirituality aside from a new age word that seems to be a bit of a fad? It is the belief in a higher form of intelligence or consciousness that is a part of all of us. It runs through the universe and through you like a river. When we learn to tap into this consciousness, abundance in all respects begins to appear. We get into the flow!

With the new year upon us, it is the perfect time to create your own personalized spiritual practice. This does not mean adding time consuming activities to your already busy day. A spiritual practice is a way of life. It’s coming alive to the spiritual reality that’s all around you and recognizing how incredibly powerful you are. You are a master manifester! You may just need a nudge and a reset.

A Spiritual Practice is a path we travel on our spiritual journey and therefore everything we experience becomes part of our practice.

Join Stephanie Banks for a heart warming and inspiring afternoon to start your new year with the tools you need to create the life you desire. Of course, we will have time for a channelling session and see what Solomon has to offer! We will also be creating personalized angelic teams which is super fun and your team will be there to work with you from this day forward.


This will be a small intimate gathering with lots of time for discussion. Don't wait to grab your tickets!


What to bring: yoga mat and/or cushion, blanket(optional) journal and pen, water, your favorite crystal or stone, lunch.

Limited Seating

Time: 10am-4pm