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"Life is a magical expression

of profound possibilities"

~ Stephanie Banks



There is a tremendous amount of wisdom and knowledge available to us all from the non-physical realm. Our guides and loved ones are always willing to offer us assistance when we ask. If your inner self guides you to this page and you would like a personal message please feel free to choose from the options below. I do not want anyone to be excluded, therefore if finances prevent you from requesting a message please send me a private email.

As I sat in my big round chair that I fondly refer to as my eagle’s nest, during those long months of recovery I found myself at a loss as to how to fill my days. With my left arm in a cast, whiplash, a bruised femur and a chip in my shin bone from the peddle on my bike I was limited in what I was capable of doing. I quickly discovered that pacing back and forth across my deck did not contribute in a constructive manner to my mental or physical well being.

Throughout my life I have gone through periods where writing had brought me solitude and peace. On one of my countless trips across my deck I remembered this tried and true pastime. As though in a panic, I rummaged through my dresser looking for an empty journal I had purchased a few years prior at a fund raiser at my sons school. Within minutes I had that hot little commodity in my unbroken hand and found myself cozy up in my chair over looking the pristine landscape in front of me. I sat in quiet contemplation, relaxing simply by feeling the journal and pen in my lap.

As I asked myself what I would write about I felt my pen scribbling across the back page of my empty journal. I wrote without hesitation or thought as I transferred words that seemed to be coming to me in the same manner. Halfway through the ninth page the words came to a subtle end and I saw my mothers name signed as though it was a letter. As I stared at her name written in the middle of the page my eyes scanned the previous pages and I quickly recognized the hand printing to be that of my mother who had passed away sixteen years earlier. I felt goose bumps all over as I flipped back to the beginning and began to read what I had just written. As I had been writing I had been unaware of what had been transpiring on the pages. As I read the letter that was addressed to me I was amazed.

I did not share this with anyone other than my partner Steve for many months. I did however wake up every morning with a refreshed sense of purpose and a renewed sense of passion for writing. Writing became my painkiller and companion. The knowledge that came my way was beyond my own comprehension and for a while I truly questioned what was transpiring. I had doubts, inhabitations, insecurities and many questions. Eventually I began to share these messages with close friends and family who in turn began to ask if I could provide them with a personal message. I was uncertain if this was possible but I decided I would never know unless I tried. So I asked and I’m excited to say that I received.

We witnessed these messages touch and transform the lives of many around me and this created an inner confidence in both myself and these new found connections. It seemed too simple and easy to be able to just ask and receive such powerful inspirational words of wisdom. The universe, our guides and teachers have since shown me that it really is that simple.


I’m hopeful that by offering messages on this site, you will discover your own form of connection to those who have passed away, to your guides, teachers and universal protectors. This has happened for others who I have received messages for and truly wish this for you as well.

I will ask for a specific person or just ask in general and see who comes to you. I can also ask any specific questions you may have but we must remember that it is by our own choice that we not know in advance, certain things that are and will transpire in our lives. Often too, a person may have passed and may either be back in physical form or just simply not available to respond. We must remember to never take this personally as everything has its place and order and it may not serve us at this time to receive certain souls. Try to refrain from having any expectations as you may limit what you are able to receive.

Reading Testimonials

After re-reading my message today I want to share with you that I was privileged to have you deliver my message to me. Your Sacred Gift of channeling is remarkable and unique, unique because this comes through you by way of writing. It was awesome to meet with you and have you read it to me, yet equally as beneficial to be able to read the message again whenever I want to, so thanks for emailing a copy to me as well. I’ll never forget what you have done for me!
Honored to have met you, and be the recipient of your Sacred Gift.

Cathy Clark

Personal readings- I received a reading as a birthday gift and was touched by the accuracy and direction given by Solomon and the meaning it gave to my life at the time.

Hubert Bourne

My reading from Stephanie was life changing and inspiring. It helped to focus my energies to do what matters and helped provide clarity for how I want to be better by finding my voice, confidence, and passions in order to impact the world and those around me. The readings are real and do not sugar coat what in your life need to focus to change and grow into the beautiful beings that we are. It was a touching and loving experience and Stephanie shares her words filled with love, respect and support. In short she is a gift from god and has embraced her gift so she is able to share it with the world!

Jenifer Larsen



This is the very first reading that started it all… it was from my mother Linda who had passed 16 years ago, and has completely changed my life and subsequently many others. As I mentioned in my story here, the message was 9 pages long, but I would like to include a portion here for you to enjoy and ponder the meanings or messages it contains. Please note that the writing was strangely similar to my mothers. This phenomenon often occurs for many people who ask for and receive messages from their loved ones.

I love you. You are ok. Live and let live. More to life and more to live for. I am always close by, we all are. You are on your way. I will help you and your family and all the others. I am here always like a fine film of dust sprinkled on your skin. I watch and wait for the time to be right, as it is now. You see; you are my angel as well.

Live with the truth in your heart and you will always have what you need. You have it in front of you every day. Don’t be discouraged as it is easy to be at times. Let us guide you, trust in the universe and you will be free. I am free and here, present. Your heart has been blocked and now the key has been turned. Feel us dear we are here with you always. We guide you and try to help you along the way.

Trust in yourself, those you love, the sun and sky and me. Ustro is here watching and listening and seeing. He will be here for a while but not forever. You knew him once before in a class. He died and he now travels with you.

The door is now open. There is so much more to see my love, you are so dear to me. It hurts you I can see but be strong, open your passageways, trust and be trusted, understand, be compassionate, try not to be sad or angry. Bring the happiness to others that you know you can and be proud of who you are and are becoming.

You are so intricate and yet so simple. I feel so proud of you. You were my daughter but I hand you over to the universe. You are a child of the universe, a student of order, a teacher of wisdom. You chose this course and are managing to stay on track, you are hurdling the obstacles where necessary.

Continually look beyond your current depth of perception and you will see visions that only your true inner self is capable of creating. We create through visions of the unknown. We aspire to be enlightened by the forces that lie deep within ourselves. Reach in as deeply as you are able and pull out one puzzle piece at a time. There is a place for each piece and each piece has a purpose, a meaning. Why does this piece fit here in this particular spot? How is it that this piece looks like it should fit but simply does not? If a puzzle piece is forced into a place where it simply is not meant to be the entire puzzle is set incorrectly.

If we continue and pretend that the piece is in fact meant to be there eventually we need to go back and remove the piece and start again. The further we go into the puzzle with an inadequate placement of pieces the more difficult it will be to correct the problem. If we take the time and courage to place the pieces correctly from the onset we will complete the puzzle much more efficiently and confidently.

Do not over look the opportunity for growth. Seize the moment and open your gifts as they present themselves. Unwrap each gift with enthusiasm yet with care and concern. Discard the packaging and store your gifts in an efficient manner, as they will be plentiful. Think about all the gifts that you have been given but have lost.

Through true appreciation and gratitude we learn to value each gift that comes our way. Life is a gift to others and ourselves. The sun is a gift to us daily as is the earth on which we walk and the air of which we breathe. Each breath is a powerful gift of life on earth. Treasure your breath and you will find new value in your existence here on earth. When darkness creeps into your soul look for the light that will lead you back to gratitude. Emanate appreciation and you will then notice it emanating all around you. Believe my love, believe. I love you.   Linda




The next reading was for Rebecca, a friend of mine…

“I received a message through Stephanie from my father who recently passed of lung cancer. At the time of the message it had been a few years after my dads passing but was still the most painful time for me. Up until that point I had cried daily, at that point it was weekly I would find myself remembering my dad and painfully recalling memories which would bring the tears again.


The message I received came when I needed it the most. I had felt like my life without my dad was less meaningful, the pain was so great I thought it would never go away. Aside from the universal message of love for family and friends, trusting in the unknown, the biggest take away from that message was that I should let go of the pain as it was keeping my fathers spirit in this realm and preventing him from a journey he so deserved.


With that message, I learned that with each tear I shed I kept my dads spirit with me, linked in a painful way. The words within that message resonate with me so profoundly. It was within minutes I went from feeling the loss of my father, to realizing that my father is not lost to me but rather in another place where I can be with him whenever I choose, just not in the way I was most familiar with. Knowing that my tears and sadness were keeping my father from experiencing what was presented to him, gave me the strength to move past the hurt and into a place of light and love.


I now smile when I think of my dad and feel his love around me when I look at the mountains or feel the sun shine on my face. Stephanie has given me the greatest gift without even knowing it. She has given me the tools I needed at the exact moment to not only help myself, but those around me. On more than one occasion I have found myself connecting with others after they have lost a loved one and sharing my story with them has brought them peace as well. Stephanie is blessed with a wonderful gift to share peace, calm and love with the world!”

Rebecca's Message:

Rebecca, it is time to let go and free your soul and my own which are one. I love you very much. I see you and the boys clearly and will continue to do so as long as I reside in this realm. I do need you to allow my soul the freedom of movement. I feel torn but this is part of my lesson, I suppose it is for you as well. There is no need to hang on as you do because I am right with you in your heart, in your soul. I am engraved in your roots. We are of the same. We love together, we share together, we walk together and we may talk together. There is more, I am a testament to this. I am your bearer of truth in the unknown. Trust in this message. It is not so unbelievable now is it my child of love and understanding. You have found your place in the world. A place where love and understanding reside at such a deep level. Your boys are happy and carefree. Teach them about themselves and their core. Focus attention on fostering inner strength for this will carry them on their way in the course in which they are set. We choose this course prior to arrival back on earth.

Our intuition, our higher being of ascension is our framework to our lives. Once we learn to allow our intuition to guide us, we lead ourselves in the direction in which we have chosen to go. Unfortunately, in your world; society clouds our inner vision and we must part those clouds and look for the sun. Our own inner light that forms our beacon that illuminates our soul, our spirit. Bring this knowledge to our boys and to all those you see fit. My love for them will shine as does their beacons. They are a gift to the world from the universe. Teach them compassion. The ability to look at all situations from every possible vantage point. They will experience a much larger world around them with this ability.


These are basic elements of learning while on your current plane so why not start them young. Patience. Learn for yourself the beauty of this. Also a universal element that brings forth clarity. Once we truly learn the art of patience we recognize the placement in which our puzzle pieces are meant to go. When we rush or force a situation time is lost and we must go back and reconfigure our puzzle. Do not look at this as going back as you must always only be here and now, moving towards true enlightenment in every aspect of your being. Through enlightenment we find calm. Calm being a companion of peace.


I will guide you if you choose to hear and feel my presence. Your mother is strong and lovely. She is quite compassionate in her ways and understanding of the ways of others. Her love for you has been and will forever be forefront in your heart. Forever is a term that really does not exist. Forever is nothing while nothing is forever.


I feel the pain within your heart and you may now let that go. Blow it to the wind, I will catch it, kiss it and return it to where it must be. Nowhere. Allow pain to flow through you rather than take root within either your physical self or your spiritual self. These are lessons that are easy to read but that are much more difficult to apply. Find the strength that resides within to accomplish achievements that will transform your life both on earth and elsewhere.

There are concepts that you must work towards that at this time would be too much to grasp. Look to those in the world around you as you grow spiritually. Find solace in the trees. Feel your presence unleash as you see clarity in your existence. Feel the flow of your soul expand as you reach for places far beyond your current grasp. Let go of boundaries that are not your own, recognize love when it comes to you. Send love back to all, even those who have wronged you.

This is the true nature of our soul, limit not your hearts intentions. Speak with conviction and feel with enthusiasm all that surround your entire being. Sense the non-physical realm as your fingers caress the air in which you breath. Your friend is tired today, I must let her go. She is grateful to share with you from me. I love you dear. I kiss that tear.   Love Dad

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