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The Twelve Principles of Living A Conscious and Purposeful Life 

with USB, Principle cards and Awaken Journal

The Twelve Principles of Living a Conscious and Purposeful Life is a simple spiritual practice program that you can complete in your own time, at your own pace and according to your own schedule.

The idea is to watch 1 lesson a week on the USB provided and practice it for seven days before listening to the next lesson.


On week 2, you will watch the 2nd video, practice the new principle along with the previous principle(s) until you reach week 12. By week 12 the first principles will be well integrated into your life and results will be noticeable! {video 1 is a comprehensive introduction on how and why to do this course}

This program is designed to deepen one’s connection with the universe and the higher self, that part of you that knows exactly what you need and how to get it! This program aligns you with the flow of life and synchronicities will abound.

  • Includes: USB with all video course material, Awaken journal for documenting your journey and The Twelve Principle cards.



Short Description

  • Purchase Course

  • Receive USB, cards and journal in mail

  • Plug USB into computer

  • Watch intro video and begin the best 12 weeks of your life!

  • Once the course has been completed, you can use the cards just like you would angel cards by pulling one every now and then. The card you pull is the principle that still requires your attention

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