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Well…this is officially my first blog. As a beginner blogger I have been uncertain as to what to write about and discuss with my online community. As usual I have not put too much thought into what I will write about but rather I will simply allow the words to flow freely without expectations as to the final outcome. It does seem appropriate to introduce myself, as this is typically what happens upon first meetings. I do hope that some or all of you feel inclined to introduce yourselves in the comment section below. This website is a meeting place, a forum for discussion and an opportunity for growth for all of us in many different capacities.

My name as you may know is Stephanie Banks. For those of you who already know me, you may be unfamiliar with the name Banks. Banks was my mom’s maiden name and I have chosen to honor her and this lineage by officially changing my last name. This is not meant to be an insult to my dad Rudi in any way. Simply a way of honoring my mother who passed away on November 2nd 1996. Oddly enough 18 years ago today. It blows my mind that it has been 18 years since we last saw each other but our relationship was reborn in August of 2012.

We now communicate freely and frequently. I have smelled her perfume and felt her presence many times. Her words of love and wisdom have crept into my world in such a way that her energy contributes to my own regularly. She is the one who made herself known to me first as I sat and recovered from my bike crash. It was my mom who peered through the door of my unconscious mind and said hello. Yes it is a different relationship and one that takes getting used to but it is no less or no more impactful than our physical relationship. It is unique unto itself. Read this first communication here…

Many of us have lost someone close to us. For those of you who have not yet gone through the process of losing someone close to you, at some point you will. The more tools you have to cope with grief, the better off you will be. The more clearly you understand that death is merely a rebirth of the soul the easier it becomes.

I do not want to focus on death on the birthday of this blog therefore allow me to turn this topic upside down and discuss birth through death. Death of the physical body is necessary for the rebirth of the soul. Those that have passed on are always accessible in some way. Their soul carries on in whatever capacity they choose. They are in essence light; lights of the universe, as are we. Together we create a magnificent force called life. We do not ever die we simply transform. We are eternal beings with eternal relationships.

I encourage you to speak out loud or silently to those around you who have passed on. Chances are, they are standing close by. If you are having difficulty finding a connection that you are able to feel, see, smell or experience in a way you can relate to, I encourage you to seek out someone who has a stronger connection to the non-physical realm. We all start somewhere and sometimes all we need is a little help in the beginning before we can dive confidently into these non-physical relationships.

Once you begin this process you will find closure to your feelings of anger, loneliness, resentment, etc, at the death itself and as that door closes you will inevitably make room behind a new door that will open to acceptance, profound unconditional love and a willingness to try something new.

The beautiful thing about these types of relationships is that you are able to carry them with you everywhere you go. There are no roaming or long distance charges, no chance of being disconnected once you are connected. They will be with you and a part of you as long as you believe them to be essential to your being.

Eighteen years ago today at the age of twenty-four I lost one of, if not the most inspirational and influential people in my life. For sixteen years I lost touch with her and in some ways I also lost touch with myself. The relationship that I now have with not only my mom but also others who have passed on is a guiding force in my life. They are still here sharing and caring in profound ways.

As we build connections here in this blog and on this site, I hope you will also look for the opportunities to reconnect with those who have passed on to the non-physical realm. They too will be there to guide and assist you in the ways that will be best for you.

This is an exciting time we live in and I am extremely grateful and honored to be sharing it with you.

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