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Creating Endless Possibilities

Solomon: We are here today to share and create endless possibilities. There are countless ways to become in touch with your higher self, your inner being, your spirit, your guides and teachers. The idea is to have faith and trust in the knowing that this relationship is possible. We encourage all those who are willing to seek guidance from within, those that come to share their gifts, their understandings and their creation. There is so much yet to be experienced and be felt and in time as you begin to share in these experiences with us, the ways the world currently operates, your world, earth; will begin to change in exponential ways. These are exciting times, challenging times. Ruthless and relentless at times but this is all part of the change. It’s all part of the purpose. As mysteries begin to unfold and as history begins to fall to the wayside, new energies come into play.

There is a restlessness, an undercurrent that you feel, that you hear and that you see with not only your five senses but with your multi-senses that are becoming keener and keener every day. This is where this feeling of discomfort comes in. This feeling of unrest, unsettledness, misunderstandings and poor communication. These are all singular lessons but at the same time they form one lesson. The lesson of co-creation, transformation and ascension while understanding that at times there are moments of descention and in these moments, you can either let go of the rungs all together and let yourself slip into the depths of despair or you can slowly start to climb back up and hang on knowing that you’re supported, guided and trusted to find you’re way.

There’s a misunderstanding that the earth is going to crumble and fall to pieces and everyone is relinquishing compassion for the sake of money, power and greed but this is simply a misunderstanding. As time goes on people will begin to see more and more clearly every day that this is not the way the world is going. It’s not the direction that you have chosen to take. It’s simply a masquerade for what’s really happening, it’s two worlds colliding but the thing is that the battle has already been won. The dark is giving way to the light and as it begins to shine, the darkness walks away but it doesn’t walk away without a fight, without a battle and without making it’s voice heard and this is what you are experiencing.

This is what you see and feel. This is what makes you feel angry and sad but that’s what it wants you to feel. Angry, sad, hopeless and poor. Poor me. I am a victim of my life. I have no control. There are all these people out there that are trying to get me, trying to take my money, trying to take my pride. This is what it wants. This is what fear strives for. For you to feel this way, for you to feel hopeless, disempowered and it makes you want to struggle and feel as though you’re swimming against the current. If you feel like you’re swimming against the current then turn the other way and see how it feels. There are only two directions you can go. Against the current following the ego or with the current following your inner knowing and guidance. Seems like an easy choice, no?

Why fight the battles that aren’t worth fighting? Most diseases are created by this battle, this upward battle, this climb against gravity. If only more people would realize that simply paying attention to what their bodies would really like, what their heart is expressing, it would be amazing to see the physical affects that would occur in all humans across the planet.

All humans operate and function in the same way. It’s their fears, doubts, inhabitations, and habitual patterns that create illness and sickness. It is not the environmental toxins, although those do not help they are not the underlying factor, they’re not the cause. A healthy heart, a mind that knows it’s place and an ego that steps to the side; these are the things that create wholeness, balance, a structured body and a heart that is able to guide.

Most do not allow their hearts to lead the way. Most don’t allow their minds to lead the way, they let the minds of others to tell them which way to go, how high to jump, how much money to spend on what and when and how. What they like to do in their spare time. What they like to eat, how they like to eat, how they like to dress. Who they talk to and who they don’t. Humans are like a pack, a pack of animals and if you have the wrong leaders in place it leads to destruction as you can see. With this change in times, this growth, this new pattern of energy, the conceptual idea of leadership will also change. It too must shift. As more and more people become empowered and trust in their own capabilities, trust their own ideas and concepts, the need for leaders will be no more.

Right now this idea is hard to understand because you’re so used to having leaders. You’re so used to having this hierarchy of souls but this is not necessary anymore, this is not something that is required and it’s not healthy. The wrong people keep coming into play and into power, making choices on behalf of all of humanity that are ill intentioned creating havoc, harm and despair and people are starting to rise up against this. They have been for years but now it’s coming to a head.

It’s time to step into your own shoes, the shoes that fit you. Not the ones that have been handed down but the ones that form your own contours. The ones that are meant to take you in the direction you were meant to go. Not in the direction that the people you consider leaders are telling you to go, just in the direction that you know you need to be heading to form your own conscious life, your own idea of awareness. Conscious living representing not only humanity but the universe, for you’re not only connected to your own fellow souls on earth but to all beings. Not just the beings you can see, feel, hear and touch. As this inter relationship begins to formulate and begin to direct the course of humanity, you will begin to see and experience how these changes form leadership in the form of energy. It’s an energetic shift. A less linear idea, one that is still a little bit difficult to comprehend and to grasp yet it’s important to know. There will be no use for leaders in the sense that you now currently think of a leader.

You are all leaders, every single one of you. Every one of you is a leader. Now it’s a matter of tapping into that leadership quality and living through experience of what you would choose to lead if you were a leader, which you are. See yourself in every moment of every day as the leader that you know you are deep down. Are you a leader of judgment or are you a leader of love? Are you a leader of control and manipulation or are you a leader of love? Are you a leader of anger or are you a leader of love? Are you a leader of despair, hurt, frustration, guilt and anxiety or are you a leader of love?

It really just comes down to two basic ideas, fear and love. In every situation that you find yourself in, the only question you need to ask yourself is what is representing itself here, is it fear or is it love? You only have two choices and if you’re unsure what is going to happen in either direction you can know that in the direction of fear you’re looking at all the negative emotions you feel from time to time. Everyone can discern between a negative feeling and a positive one so there really is no excuse.

It’s just a matter of how you want to feel. It’s not a matter of how you think you want to feel, it’s a matter of how you actually want to feel. If you enjoy feeling aspects of hurt and anger then by all means continue following in the footsteps of fear. If you don’t want to feel hurt and angry then turn in the direction of love and experience all the feelings that come along with love, happiness, joy, tranquility, peace, fulfillment, gratitude and a universal knowing that you are understood. That you have a purpose and that your purpose is different from everyone else. The way you express your purpose may be different as well and that’s okay, that’s the way it should be. If you turn in the direction of love you will find that you will be able to express yourself clearly, unguarded and truthfully. Knowing that your experience is your own and unique to you and no one else.

Along with this feeling of uniqueness is the pure undivided attention to the fact that you’re connected to everything else, everything; no exceptions. You are just as much connected to the person that you can’t stand as you are to the person that you love till death. There is no separation. There is no picking and choosing what and who you want to be connected to or separated from and the sooner that you understand and grasp this idea, the sooner you will start to appreciate and understand the purpose that everybody has in your life. Once you are swimming in the pool of love long enough, you won’t even need to know or understand why certain people come into your life you just need to know that they are there for a reason and the reason will unfold as it should.

All experiences, all circumstances and all expressions of life are there to guide you in such a way that you begin to learn more about yourself. Your understanding of who you are, why you are here, what your purpose is, where you go when you die and where to go when you become alive here on earth. You will begin to understand the purpose for nature and what it does to bring forth awareness and conscientiousness.

Nature has the ability to see so much more than at this particular moment human beings are. There is an innate knowing within all of nature that vibrates at a frequency that most humans at this point in time are unable to tap into fully. This is why the great leaders around your planet suggest heading into nature, to really feel or at least try to feel that vibration, that energetic currency that runs through all of us. It’s like an undercurrent pulling us slowly and effortlessly in the direction that we’re meant to go. When we are surrounded by concrete walls and chaotic energy it scatters ourselves and we just end up on the shore getting tossed and turned around not knowing which direction we’re supposed to go.

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