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Solomon on Opening to Your Awareness

Today is a day of raising awareness, of consciousness, of higher understanding. We are at a time and place that we are working together with you as a collective consciousness on earth as you move forward in your transition, in your expansion, in your understanding of your divine origin, your sacredness, your purity and as you become more and more aware of your potentials that lie before you, yet seem so far away. As you come together in groups and share your stories of your own divinity, of your own awakening, of your processes. As you share your stories of hurt and frustration and anger.

As you share ideas and concepts of all things not just spiritual perspective, for your life is a very real experience and there are times when it is easy to slip, to fall down a rung or two on that ladder of ascension that takes you to a higher ground and a higher understanding, but the idea is to know that you can always climb back up. This is a free choice, this is your will, this is all about what you would like, what you are willing to do. It’s about you participating in your life to such a degree that you and only you make these choices.

There are so many of you, most of you at some point throughout your day will make decisions based upon what you think others are requesting of you. You’ll make decisions based on how you think your life will be interpreted based on the decisions that you make. You allow the outside world to determine your direction, to guide you. What we are here to suggest and help you remember is that these decisions that you make on a daily bases in every circumstance, in every situation and in every experience comes from your inner being, it comes from within, at least they are meant to.

This is really what awakening is all about. It’s about remembering your divine, authentic and natural state of existence. That from which you came from, that from which you are meant to live through, that for which you return to when you go to the other side and that from which you come from when you return to reincarnate again as another being, as another physical application of your soul. These concepts are not new to many, and the reason why they do not seem new, even if from an intellectual stand point they do is simply because this is your true nature, you know this stuff already.

We are here simply reiterating what you all ready know. It is written in your cells, it is stored in your physical body and it is translated through your higher self, through your pineal gland. It is around you in the form of your energetic field that is in constant connection with all the energetic fields of all living things everywhere. How can you possibly be separated from it completely when it is all around you?

The problem is that many of you have disguised yourself as somebody else and this is simply a survival technique. This is what you have become accustomed to, it is habitual patterns working and weaving their way through your lifetimes. Now the time has come when you can start to release those shields, to unbuckle them and let them float away. You do not need these shields anymore. You may think you do especially now in heated times as you watch what goes on around your planet, as you feel the pain and the hunger, as you feel the heartache and the havoc and confusion.

If you are a person listening to a channel such as this you know that you feel this kind of compassion, you know no other way. It has become part of who you are. In this becoming in this part of who you are is really simply returning to your authentic being, to that divine love for all. This is what you all are. Divine aspects of God. Divine creations of all that is. Extending yourself in such a way to all of the world, you’re perceived differently by different people at different times for different reasons yet your authentic nature is always a part of who you are. It becomes complicated and convoluted as you move through the processes of life.

As you grieve, hurt and feel emotional tides sweeping you out into an ocean of torment. Into an ocean of confusion and emotional instability, into an ocean of miss representation of your truth but all of you can swim. All of you can choose at any moment to swim back to shore, fore it is on the shore that you will feel grounded and feel your connection to Mother earth. You will feel a connection and a draw to the sun, to the moon and to the planets, to ancient species and ancient beings of which you may have heard but which have not known in this lifetime and in the typical experience you feel you may have in others. That is to say that in dream like states many of you have had experienced your ancestors, those that seeded you. They are a part of your DNA.

This brings us back to the concept that we are all one. This is not limited to we are all one meaning just the human species. This concept of being all one, all connected extends far beyond the boundaries of earths magnetic field and extends out to the boundaries of existence. Think about the kind of support that exists in that concept, in that understanding, in that knowing. It is magnificent, it is endless, it is boundless, it is undefined territory and it is infinite.

The expansiveness of this knowing is what we are here to share. It is this expansiveness of understanding, of opening your mind to alternate ideas that in the past you may have fluffed off to the side as esoteric, new age and hippiish and at the time this was the terminology that was used but now it is becoming more mainstream. It’s not so out there to have what people refer to as near death experiences and out of body experiences. It’s not so uncommon to spark up a conversation with someone in regards to their spiritual beliefs. It’s not so uncommon to talk about speaking to your guides and your angels as you ask for protection and you request that your life aligns in such a way that is best suited to fit your course.

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