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Keep Your Dreams Alive

A young kid flopped down in my office for an interview this week. He was actually 22, a kid still in my books with a future of opportunities lying in front of him, only he was unable to see them. I asked him a question that I ask all of our potential employees “what’s your dream job?” He looked at me stunned as though no one had ever taken the time to ask him such a question.

We sat in silence for a moment or two while he picked at the beginnings of a rip in his jeans. Eventually he raised his glance and sputtered out the word music. “I would make music. But that won’t ever happen, just a dream.” He said as he went back to toying with the frays on his knee. We spent the next 10 minutes or so discussing philosophical ideas and how to tap into the power of our potentials. I watched his body language shift into a state of engagement, his lips curled in a slightly more upward direction. Eventually, he cocked his head and said “yay, why can’t I become a musician”. I don’t think anyone had ever encouraged this young man to pursue his dreams, to see his potential, to tap into the idea that we are here to pursue our passions and live an inspired life.

This is my passion, to share with anyone that walks, runs or wheels across my path these ideas, especially the youth on our planet. We don’t have to live in the old paradigm that dictates our future based around antiquated ideologies which restrict our senses from expressing our free will. We don’t have to pretend that we want to be just like everybody else so as to not stand out and be different. There are enough of “everybody else’s” in the world so let’s just be ourselves. It’s time to wake up to who you want to be and to believe that you have access to everything you need to become intune with who you really are. Strip down the limiting beliefs that bind you to thoughts of disabled empowerment and while your doing this encourage those around you to do the same.

This is a powerful time of pristine opportunity, tap into it, let go and allow and experience the magic that flows. Dream on people and create the world you desire!

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