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To Play or Not To Play?

Someone recently asked me how best to find alignment to our higher self, to source and to all that is? Although there are plenty of contributing aspects that aid and assist in our alignment, the one I would like to discuss today is the idea of play.

As children we live to play! We wake up thinking about it and fall asleep marinating in thoughts and remembrances of play. We were not living unless we were playing. At least this is how I remember childhood. So why is it that as adults we lose the ability or at least the drive to make time for play in our lives on a regular basis? Do we really believe that life should be consumed with work and only work? With paying the bills, scrubbing the grime off the toilet, driving the kids to their play dates and extra-curricular activities, fixing the car, changing the tires, picking up groceries, organizing closets, brushing the dog, scooping poop from the kitty litter and the list goes on and on. Have we forgotten over the years the exhilarating feeling of freedom when we immerse ourselves in fun and games? Have we become so accustomed to daily stressors that we do not make room for that which brings us joy? Maybe it’s that we feel we do not have time to play? Perhaps we have forgotten how to play!

Whatever the reason for our amnesia I predict that upon our remembrance of the soulful expansion that accompanies play in any form we will find a reconnection not only to our natural state of being but to all souls everywhere and to source itself.

Life is meant to be fun! Of course life also presents everyday challenges that we must address but the more playful we are with life the more manageable these challenging times become. Why is this? The answer lies in one word. Alignment. When we feel aligned, connected to divinity, that place of pure unquestionable love, we tend to respond appropriately rather than react inappropriately through our ego-based beliefs. When we feel connected to spirit, to our soul; there is no room for judgment, resentment, cruelty or any other form that represents fear. It ‘s really that simple!

Engaging in a form of play that brings forth the feeling of bliss, joy and happiness is sadly lacking in so many of our lives. Fortunately we all understand the meaning of the word and most of us have the ability to make that changes that we need to in honor of play. Today, I challenge you to take a few moments to ask yourself honestly how often you allow yourself the opportunity to relinquish your list of chores and simply play in whatever form feels right to you. Once you have done that, it’s time to take off the serious face and go for a ride in the plane of playfulness! Feel the expansion of your soul as it connects to your authentic self and all that is.

It is a magnificent world in which we live, lets not take it so seriously all the time. Return to your childhood roots every now and then where play not limited by time and age, it’s an integral aspect of living. Live to thrive not merely to survive!

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