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Taking Flight

All of you as humans have a fascination with flight. At one point through the experience of reincarnating there is the feeling of flight. That weightlessness and that movement, where you are suspended. Where the air is holding you and supporting you. Where you glide from the non-physical realm into the physical realm.

This process is short and is very similar to the process that people experience when they leave their physical body as well. The best way that we will be able to describe this is the feeling that you can imagine if you were being sucked into a vortex. But a very loving vortex, nothing scary just a vortex of energy that carries you. There is no effort. The momentum itself is all you need.

So when you ask “ Why do I have an infinity for flight?” The best way we can describe this is the closer you get to enlightenment, the closer you get to source, the more in alignment you become with yourself, the stronger this remembrance of this effortlessness of floatation, of the complete freedom of movement without having to create the momentum and you will all feel that draw, you will all feel that pull.

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