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Accepting Your Authenticity

There was a time that I worried, at least a little, about what others thought of me but then I woke up. I woke up from an illusion that kept me confined to the norm. Confined to what I believed would fall into the category of normal and acceptable. Confined to limitations and restrictions based upon belief systems that didn’t belong to me. Confined to a world where fitting in rather than standing out was the thing to do. In one day all of that changed.

I woke up and all of my conceptual ideas of reality broke into fragments and dispersed into nothingness. Like snowflakes melting without resistance as their coldness met the warmth of my skin. Reality is not a fixed subject. It is subjective, interpretive and flexible. It is what you want and expect it to be. It is and always has been a creation of your own based upon how you think it into fruition.

Limiting behaviours are one thought away from transforming into unlimited potential. It really is that simple but first we need to acknowledge our authenticity and our uniqueness as it relates to our oneness with all existence. We need to place value on our uniqueness and love it to pieces before we can accept the same in others. There are enough of everybody else, so be yourself!

This is who we want to see, not some idealistic false interpretation of human creation. You! This is who you came to be, free and empowered. Free of fearful feelings that you can never be enough. Your very existence is already enough. You came with all that you need. You simply need to unpack your baggage and stay a while and bathe in your authentic beauty, all the while gifting us with your perfect and peaceful presence.

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