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Tuning Out

Good evening explorers of the cosmos, life and all creation.

It’s been a while since I last blogged, which “they” say is a definite platform building faux pas! I guess I’ll find out because there will be times when I’m fully engaged in my online presence and times when I may disappear into the unseen world of the web of social media that keeps us tightly woven together. It is a magnificent thing. I love it! I become addicted to filling my brain and soul with wisdoms that others so graciously share with the intent of inspiring. I do the same through my own posts to the point of wondering sometimes about what other may think of my life and how I perceive it. That feeling doesn’t linger long as I am lovingly reminded by my inner being, that which is connected at all times to source, that this is not for me to worry about. It’s essentially none of my bees wax what others think of me. With this recollection of my purpose for being here now, during this time, I feel the blessings and abundance of life that keeps me on my authentic path.

I believe there are times when we need to disconnect from as much as possible and be at one with the earth in a state of purity, to feel the expressions of mother earth caressing our soul. From time to time I’m asked what is the best way to connect with our higher self and our guides on the other side. My response is always the same. “There are numerous ways but the most important, the one I would suggest putting at the top of your list, is to reconnect with nature.” When I recommend disconnecting I mean from as much of society and your ties to it. This doesn’t need to be a long drawn out process, even a couple of hours will do. Find a peaceful place tucked away in the depths of the landscape where finding and establishing a resonance with nature is greatest. There is less interference so this makes logical sense. Unplug, tune out of society and turn inward while you suspend yourself in a plane where you know that you are loved and supported unconditionally.

When I disappear every now and again I will be practicing my commitment to my connection so that when I return from being tapped out I will bring with me my inner tranquility and the vibration that represents it and share it with all of you.

As I explore various places I will share the magic of where the wind blows me through pictures and posts. The most wonderful aspect of Facebook for me is that it is representative of the entire planet and we can be connected instantly to someone way far away. How amazing is that?

Canada is a magnificent country and I’m fortunate enough to live in the most beautiful province (in my opinion) with an abundance of remote opportunities to get back into nature. My form of gratitude and appreciation for living such a life is to share with you, my Facebook friends, the beauty out my back door. For now, this is Stef Banks tapping out…

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