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Gratitude Prayer

Oh, great mother

Great land

Great rivers and seas

Oh, great father

Father of the skies above

Great moon and stars

Oh, great sun

The giver of life itself

Today we pray for magnificence

For beauty to enter our hearts

And for hatred to be removed

Oh, great ancestors

Our protectors and peaceful warriors of the unseen world

Today we ask for guidance

For you to share your wisdom that we long to remember

Oh, great source of inner being

The one from which we all came

Today we ask to return to your roots

To dip our toes in the calmness of our creation

To live through the understanding that we have come to remember our origin

To become reacquainted with our natural beauty

To realign with the source of all life

That which offers the support we pray for

Today we offer our unconditional love

That which does not have restrictions or concerns of menial importance

Today we give gratitude to all life as we share our energetic selves

That part of us that we cannot see but through the reflection of life itself

May our experience of life be that which our natural state is familiar with

May we live as though we were just born

Until the day our bodies give way to the passage of our souls

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