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What is Love?

Stef: Would someone please define exactly what love is in a true sense? I’m sure that we all have different ideas of what exactly this word represents and how we acknowledge, receive and project love.

Sherman H. Harlow: Love emanates, illuminates and penetrates our core when barriers that block it are dissolved. Love is an unconditional feeling of pure gratitude and acceptance of another soul. It represents purity of our own soul residing in union with the purity of another soul. Core love, spiritual love, differs from surface love. Surface love has boundaries and expectations; it exists out of the feeling of necessity to love.

Forced love, false love is conditional. It has rules and limitations whereas soul love does not. Soul love is limitless as it protrudes into the world around us. It speaks a language that does not require translation, as it is universal. It is depicted by an essence that is felt at a deep level of consciousness and is expressed freely without apprehension or fear.

Expressing soul love is an effortless task and transpires naturally, uninhibited by emotional responses. Just like the tide of an ocean, love exhibits an ebb and flow. Simply recognizing its existence creates love. The more love we contribute the more we will receive in return. Love has only one prerequisite; this is self-love. When self-love does not exist we are unable to contribute love to anyone.

We must learn to love ourselves completely and eloquently on all levels of our being. We must remind ourselves of our beauty and exert patience with ourselves as we glide through our days. We must also remove judgment of who we feel we are and learn to understand our true authentic being. Our inner self, our core is protected from harm and disharmony.

Humans behold an innate ability to tuck our souls away deep within, when our minds take control of our lives. This place of safety, the sanctuary of our spirit; may be accessed by the beholder as they so choose. The depth of the buried sanctuary is reflective of how we have carried ourselves through this lifetime and many others. Sometimes there are many, many layers to peel back and reflect upon before our sanctuary is exposed however there will always be a portion that is accessible to us at all times. This is like a dangling bone in front of a dog; once the bone is in reach the determination to devour it becomes unimaginable.

The peeling back of the layers is a task that requires diligence and often time’s resilience and courage. Your gifts for accomplishing this will be peace within your heart as well as spiritual love and acceptance of yourself, which will then begin to flow naturally to others. Embrace this journey of self-discovery, as it is a remarkable journey.

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