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The Magic of Mysticism

Good morning blog readers, I was a teenager when my grandfather passed away and I remember wondering at the time how I would manage without his kind and wise words. Little did I know that had I only asked for him to continue communicating with me, I would have been able to hear all that he had to say.

For over two decades I held the belief that because I could not see or hug him anymore that all our wonderful chats were to be no more. This is how it is for many of us is it not? We have become so accustomed to relying on only our five senses that we limit our capacities and put limits on our potentials. We are non-physical beings living this experience through physical form therefore why would we not be able to reach out to those that have returned to the non-physical realm?

One of the first messages I received after my bike accident was from my grandfather Harold. Although this is not the first message I received from him, it is a beauty. I talk to him as often as I can and I encourage you to do the same with those that you have lost. Try writing them a letter and then allow your mind to be free and clear of any thoughts while you still have your pen in hand. You may be surprised with a letter in return.

Grandpa Harold: Always keep in mind what is most important. Love for all those around you. Love for not only those that you are close to but also those with whom you would not normally meet on a personal basis. If your intentions are based on love all else will fall into place.

The magic of mysticism surrounds the very core of who we are. Without mystery we are no more. We are all equal with needs to be addressed in the hope of reaching a place of completeness as one. We have always been one, will continue to be one and will work together as one.

The universe calls out to all those souls who have the strength, courage, patience, resilience and faith to set all courses straight. As you can see, the physical world around you is falling apart at the seams but together with intent, all this will change. Times of greed and hate will dissipate. Gather in groups to foster the truth.

A fine sprinkle of love left behind will eventually cover up hate completely. Navigate with the upmost respect for both yourself and your fellow souls who are simply extensions of your own soul. Do this today, tomorrow and every day that follows and you will experience love and respect in a whole new light. Love the man who unknowingly bumps you in the grocery store the same, as you would love the soul who greets you with a hug, this is true compassion and love for one another.

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