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Balancing the Mind and Intuition

In order to create a balance between your mind and your intuitive self you must look, listen, evaluate and make your decision. Evaluation of circumstances is critical as you plan to respond to a situation, evaluation on all levels; evaluation of emotional awareness, evaluation of physical wellbeing, evaluation of mindfulness and consciousness.

Evaluation of how decisions may affect the entire well being of others.

There are many elements to be considered when facing decisions and dilemmas. Although one must always look at personal implications it is important to strive for harmony in all situations. Evaluation requires critical thinking in combination with the use of ones multi senses.

Your intuitive self does not evaluate, it simply knows. Over evaluation may complicate matters, therefore this process should not be drawn out or over thought. Listen to your inner self and then use your mind to create the outcome that your intuition is suggesting. Once you have made and created an outcome for your decision, live it out with faith and trust without regrets.

When I was young I followed a trail. It led me up a hill and then down again. Once I reached the bottom, the only way to get back to where I had begun was to retrace my steps and head back up. This time as I approached the top of the hill I consciously became aware of how I had misguided myself the previous time. As I debated this I came to a realization that I had not been misguided after all, I was simply following the path I had chosen at that point in time.

My challenge this time around was to learn from my lessons and surpass where I had once been, summit my summit so to speak. Progress is what matters not the final destination because the final destination does not exist. All that matters is this moment. Are you happy right now? It doesn’t matter if you were happy three days ago, three months ago or three years ago.

The same principle applies to love, trust and dedication. Do you have complete trust in your heart that your path is your own? You will create it all the way simply by using your intuition, mindfulness and complete awareness. Are you accepting all the love that surrounds you? Are you sending love out to all? Are you dedicated to trying your best at all times? These are basic laws of the universe. Happiness for all is the gift that follows. Follow your intuition; let it be your guide. Be at peace.

Do not mistake your intuition with that voice we call the mind. The minds voice will attempt to lead you astray, whereas your inner voice will allow you to find and follow your true path. Be true to yourself in all circumstances while being open and honest. Remember coherence. Above all else strive for coherence. We are all of the same roots, together we will falter or together we will thrive.

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