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Harmony Between Our Mind and Soul

Stef: How do we create harmony between our mind and soul?

Hazel: This is the challenge. Through education of the soul and continual practice. Through intention to always strive for harmony. Through the belief that harmony exists. Through diligence and determination to create it in every capacity of your life. This is your choosing; this is your journey, your own personal passageway to a world that may seem so far away but really is quite close. Remember your words to us; “why do we deny what lies right before us?”

The mind brings forth un-necessary complications from time to time because this is the job of the mind; to bring forth knowledge, calculate, assess, and determine. The job of the soul is to tame those thoughts prior to becoming emotions. These two working together in conjunction with one another should create harmonious living between the mind and soul. However, if the soul lags behind, the mind will take over and fill the gaps left empty by the soul. The soul needs to be developed and nurtured by the beholder. First you must meet your soul and get to know it. Understanding your soul is the next step. This takes time and patience; usually there is much to clear first before we can begin to see clearly.

Once we understand our souls to the best of our capabilities then it is time to develop our souls through meditation, singing, writing, yoga, energy work, healthy diet, and peace and quiet. Do what makes you feel quiet inside the mind. Allow thoughts to enter but as they do quietly and gently nudge them aside. Ask for peace to free your heart and soul.

Feel the peace enter through your body and flow freely throughout it until every cell has been filled. Feel your blood flow through your fingers and toes. Feel it flow through your limbs and torso. Feel it flow within your organs, your tissues and bones. Finally feel the peace flow through your brain and all of its components.

Ask the universe to replace old and damaged cells with new and envision this as it happens. Feel the exchange of energy as this request takes place. Feel your entire being transformed from tired and weary to re-charged and refreshed. Relax in this moment; enjoy focused attention on this magical, calm, loving state of consciousness.

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