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Steph: Sherman, could you tell me about the importance of meditation and how it’s best incorporated into ones life?

Sherman H. Harlow: Think of the word itself. There are so many clues to the actual meaning of words through their spelling that get missed. Medi-ta-tion. Medi- the medicine of the soul. Medi-cine. Medicine that requires discipline. Two principles requiring attention. The discipline of meditation brings health to the soul.

Meditation alone does not represent complete health of the soul all on its own. It is certainly one of, if not the most important practice that contributes to stability of the body, mind and soul.

Within the practice of meditation you will connect with your authentic self. Within your authentic self lies your authentic power. Remaining connected with this aspect of your soul is a challenge for most. Especially for those residing in such a busy society. Time for the soul seems to be a novelty for most as opposed to a priority.

Prior-ity. Prior to anything else. Medicine for the soul needs to be incorporated into ones life prior to anything else. There are many reasons for this. The first one being to come to a place where one is living their life consistently from the perspective of their authentic self. The authentic self does not doubt or judge. It is accepting and thrives on receiving.

The second reason for maintaining a healthy soul is to also maintain a healthy physical body and a healthy mind. Through daily meditation you will find these aspects of yourself re-aligning. Through this re-alignment, peace and tranquility follow naturally and effortlessly. Is this not what you are all ultimately looking for?

Meditation slows the breath and in turn slows the mind and the heart rate. The bodily functions begin to slow and everything is given a much needed break. This kind of slow down has a different affect on the mind, body and soul than sleep.

There are many variations of meditations and you will discover through diligence to do so, what feels best for you. This may change from day to day or it may not. The point of the exercise is to re-align with your whole being and as you do so, you will re-align with source. The only way to do this is to let go of worry and stress that has become so prominent in your culture and many cultures worldwide.

Meditation- medicine for the soul releases toxins and replenishes a depleted energy field. From this side of the veil we would like to see more deliberate attention placed on refueling the soul in this fashion. Why bother refueling with food and water if this re-energization is absent from ones practices? This is a question for you to ponder and answer. Would you only fill your car with gas while forgetting to check the oil which lubricates? Seems silly no?

Walking down the street whispering gratitudes is medicine for the soul. Sitting beneath a tree absorbing its strength and tranquility while in quiet contemplation is meditation. Painting, writing, listening with intent. These are all forms of medicine for the soul as long as they allow for the mind to settle and take a break. Do what feels right for you.

We suggest that you re-prioritize your day and prior to anything else you medicate your soul in a non-intrusive way such as meditation. The paradox here is that most people do not feel they have time for this luxury but if this need of the human is fulfilled, time becomes more abundant as life flows in tune with your authentic self. Once resistance is removed from any situation the flow becomes more rapid and effortless as synchronicity’s align all that needs to be aligned.

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