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The Root of All Things

W- when I awake I- I will remember S- sacred are we D- divine and pure O- only then we will be truly free M- mastery

Let go of doubt and blow it into the air. Return it as “used goods” back to our wonderful sun. You have no use for doubt, doubt is simply fear. We doubt many things but all these doubts are simply an offshoot of fear. They all come back to doubting yourself, try harder to resist that fear from creeping into your being.

First, you must address what the fear is. What exactly is it that you are frightened of? Once you sort that out you can then face the fear or fears (often there are many). Sometimes facing the fear is less difficult than recognizing the fear in the first place. Look at the situation closely, inwardly. Concentrate only on your feelings and intentions. Be honest with yourself and who ever else you decide to share your thoughts with. Be true to your feelings, your heart and you will find the strength to relieve the pain.

The pain can be avoided if the fear is put into place quickly. If pain has already set in, like an infection it can be eradicated. How quickly this eradication takes place is simply determined by the transformation of your inner feelings. Do you allow fear to linger and feed it every so often enabling it to fester and slowly grow or do you ban it from the room, from your soul and replace it with trust in yourself and the universe?

Remember you cannot swim against the current forever. When the tides turn so too will your sails. When you feel that you are struggling, begin with loving and pleasing mantras. They are soothing to the soul and create inner strength.

I believe in myself and my intuition wholly and completely. The universe is my guide, teacher and protector. The sun is my saviour.

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