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Find the gap between the moments of thought and activities and listen to your higher being which is connected always to endless enlightenment. In this gap it may seem like there is nothing but in nothingness is everything all at once, endless transformation of energy, wisdom, knowing and love.

Channeling, for those who wish to engage in this activity of connecting to the non-physical world and all that resides there, it is essential to first know in your highest part of self that the non-physical realm exists. If you don’t know this to be true you cannot force yourself to believe it.

Knowing comes from deep within, believing generally comes from the mind. The mind wanting desperately to believe something to be true but the heart not necessarily open enough to allow knowingness to enter. Belief transforms to knowing. This is a process. This process can take years, sometimes lifetimes and other times this process can happen in an instant.

This is what we refer to as transformation. A flipping of a switch from off to on. Sometimes you desire light instantly and therefore flip the switch and other times you may desire the light to gradually get brighter. In this case you may choose to use a dimmer switch and slowly inch your way into the light.

The choice is individual and unique. All choices are always being equally supported and encouraged.

Once you find yourself in the heart of knowing and you desire an open connection, a clear line of communication; you must find a place of comfort. A peaceful quiet environment in which transmission of energy can take place. This is what channeling is, a transferring of energy. Sometimes this energy will transfer in the form of music, words, dance, art, sport, you name it. The idea is to not get hung up on any particular form of channeling.

Channeling brings one into a state of heightened awareness, an alignment with your authentic self. This is the state that we recommend that all beings learn to recognize and live from. From this state of being it is impossible to act out of fear or anger as these emotions do not exist on this level.

As an energetic being experiencing life in physical reality, it is difficult to be in a constant state of heightened awareness. This is precisely why we encourage you to do your best to live the most exciting life you can in every moment of every day. Do the things that make your heart sing and your emotions relax. This in itself is channeling. Doing the things you are most passionate about aligns you with your highest most authentic self.

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