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EGO- Enormous-Gigantic- Over the top!

Ego is the bearer of negativity. It tries with endless determination to rule without regard for anyone. Ego is an endless circle of self imposed obligations that serve only ego itself. Even the soul whose ego is directing is not benefiting from the wants of ego. The soul benefits and grows from needs being met but shrinks when the wants of ego are being met. Ego is directed by fear.

Under the umbrella of fear reside anguish, jealousy, negativity, resentment, judgment, manipulation, selfishness and unkindness. Fear fears love. It fears love because just like water is able to extinguish fire, love is able to extinguish fear and all else that fear represents. Fear appears to be strong and powerful but in true universal reality fear is easily disabled.

When fear is disabled so too is ego. Ego has many tools within its transparent toolbox. Usually the first tool it will call upon is control. It will use whatever avenue it sees fit to utilize control within a situation. This avenue may lead to a lie; it may be to use harsh and unkind words, which under the perfect circumstances will deflate another soul, hence ego-gaining control. It may go so far as to use physical force. Another tool that may be called upon by ego is manipulation.

Manipulation is defined as the use of words in an inappropriate manner with a self-serving objective in mind. It is coercing another to partake in an activity that may appear beneficial to both parties but are not. Manipulation creates a false sense of perception in another with the ultimate goal benefitting only the ego that is manipulating. Manipulation creates an enormous karmic debt and when recognized by either the transmitter or receiver must be acknowledged and removed promptly. It is one of many untruths or creations that are not conducive at all to compassion of others.

Ego will call upon emotional or physical abuse to gain control over another soul. There are usually no limitations with an ego when this tool is in use. When you feel that another’s ego is attempting to use this form of control on your soul it is advised to remove yourself from the reach of the ego that is attempting to harm your soul, mind and physical body. Call upon those you trust if you are unable to find a way out of this dark and endless cave. Once ego has taken root in someone’s soul in such a way they must recognize, acknowledge and learn new ways before change within will transpire. Often times this is a slow and arduous process but with intent to throw ego to the wind and diligence to embrace alternate ways of managing emotions, change can be created.

Ego will never entirely disappear from a person’s being as it is a necessary aspect of soul, it does however require constant reminders of its boundaries. Ego is like a high maintenance vehicle that requires servicing frequently.

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