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Solomon Speaks on Fear

Fear can dominate all other emotions if left to breed. We are seeing a strong awakening and remember how humans tend to learn. You have heard the expression “hitting rock bottom”. This term can apply to your current era. The human race has lost sight but the universe is compassionate and patient. The wheels are in motion. Do not make decisions based on fear because those decisions only reflect our intellect, not our spirituality.

Understand that the way the world operates currently is outdated, past its prime, expired. What do you do with your expired yogurt? You keep it awhile longer in your fridge for no particular reason until it grows mouldy and toxic at which time you realize that that yogurt which started out as a beautiful culture has been neglected and that which once served a beneficial purpose must be discarded and replaced with new.

Our ways, our traditional ways are still retrievable as long as we are successful in skimming off the top layer of film and stirring the pot so to speak. Listen to what you are drawn to. March to the rhythm of your own soul, value the opinions of others but remember your path is directed only by your own intuition, no one else’s. Plan to not react. Bear in mind that you are on a journey to teach, learn, care and nurture. We are teaching you and others to trust in the way of the universe.

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