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Appreciate Your Clouds

Reach for the stars and the light will shine through our souls. The gift of everlasting love is there for us all to appreciate and respect. For some, life seems mundane and un-manageable. Our dreams seem un-tangible but really our dreams lie right before our very selves. Through intention we create our dreams. Through intentions we come to realize exactly what our dreams are and the purpose for them. Not always are these clear but often if we write them down or simply verbalize our intentions, clarity will follow.

Want not for an outcome, but clarity in each individual moment in time. Time is the master of realism, a master of confusion, an entity of its own demise. Without time we are unable to achieve a higher ground, time wasted is an achievement lost. We must prioritize our lives in such a manner that time is set-aside for spirit. Spirit requires undivided attention on a daily basis just as our physical selves require nourishment to survive. If we simply provide our physical bodies with the bare minimum our bodies will respond accordingly. The same concept applies to our spirit, our souls.

Spend time understanding your inner self through awareness and persistence. Take the necessary steps to learn what it is that your soul needs to not only survive but to thrive. Wandering aimlessly will bring you to nowhere. On a moment-to-moment basis what is your destination? Is it to find clarity or compassion? Is it to look directly into the eyes of your inner fears? Is it to reflect on your personal journey? Whatever your destination may be, look in the direction you must take to get there. If you are unclear as to finding your direction ask your inner self or your non-physical guides to assist you. You will find your way.

Appreciate the clouds that may have formed and are obstructing your view. These clouds are our clues to our own consciousness. Within our consciousness lays years and often lifetimes of unwanted filth that is in need of cleansing. The filth is simply residue of unacknowledged emotions that have been swept under the carpet of our souls. This carpet must be lifted and discarded in order for the clouds to lift. The sun will then shine freely and continuously providing warmth and freedom, freedom of burdens, freedom of regrets, freedom of judgment not only of others but also ourselves. With freedom comes honesty; honesty to our higher selves and this keeps our hearts ticking.

As you unleash each buried feeling that lies beneath your own personal carpet take the time and energy to sort through these emotions and allow these emotions the freedom of expression. If tears must fall in order to release this moment back to the universe then please allow the tears to fall. If anger sets in acknowledge how anger feels within your physical self and also within your heart. Our hearts are a reflection of our spirits. Do not, under any circumstance, enable your emotions to take control over your intentions. Prior to revealing your un-consciousness (your cloud) it is suggested to set your intentions.

I hereby stand before my buried emotions with enthusiasm to deliver them to a higher understanding. I intend to reveal my past to myself through love and compassion. I will not judge others or myself as I process my feelings and acknowledge their existence. I will allow myself the freedom to laugh, cry or scream where needed but I will not enable my emotions to bring physical or emotional harm to either others or myself. Once I have acknowledged each emotion that lies beneath my veil of uncertainty I will ask the universe to grant me the strength and trust to release it back to the universe forever.

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