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Another Lesson in Life

Relax, enjoy, watch, feel, listen and touch. Use your five senses but look for the connection that will motivate your multi senses that you know exist but are uncertain as to how to tap into them. Hence, the word, relax. First sit quietly and relax. Reflect on all that you feel grateful for and express your thanks.

Simply by acknowledging our gratitude brings us closer to our multi-senses. That which you can feel but cannot see, is pure brilliant unconditional love that exist purely because it does. It simply is. It is there for us all to draw upon and contribute to, as we like.

The universe is really quite simple. It is human intellect that has confused matters. The mind creates stories, judgment, hate, anger etc. It is up to us to return these emotions back to the universe in the form of unwanted energy and ask the sun to recycle it into clean undisturbed energy that is full of calm and peace.

Once we all learn to recognize these negative emotions, and then understand how they are able to perpetuate and intrude on the souls of others, we will then have a true willingness to rid them of their power. This is really a simple task but unfortunately acting upon negative emotions has become habitual and therefore takes a certain amount of energy.

Our ultimate goal is to refrain from reacting to any given circumstance but we are all learning and growing together so try to refrain from criticizing yourself when this does occur. Rectify the situation to the best of your abilities and be grateful for another lesson in life. Life is a continual lesson. As long as we set our intentions to recognize the lesson to be addressed in every situation, our path to clarity and ascension will continue rather than be stalled or halted.

Remember, judgment does not have a place in the understanding of fellow souls; we are all one and need to be respected as such. Open your heart’s pathway to a larger and richer life and you will feel and experience more than you can imagine. You will then have the capacity to share your new realizations, which in turn will bring contentment to all.

Ask your guides and teachers to come to you and you will feel their presence. Often times there is a feeling of tingling. Look for unusual feelings within your physical body. Remember to utilize your intuition regularly. Focus on how you breathe.

Let go of apprehension and share as you see fit. Our guides are here to assist in our gathering of wisdom and in our abilities and willingness to share our lessons. They are here to contribute to our cause, which is motivated by our belief in the existence of a compassionate and loving universe in which we are all a precious part of.

Welcome to a whole new realm.

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