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The creation of chaos magnifies the lessons we are in need of learning. We do the best we can with the lessons we have learned, the lessons still under way and the tools we have gathered along the way. We cannot have expectations of either others or ourselves. Expectations are an extension of control and greed, an extension of fear. If we feel that we have created expectations of either others or ourselves we need to figure out why we have put these quiet little demands into play. Once we understand why we made that move we must learn to remove them from the field of life.

Expectations will lead to anger, guilt, jealousy and pain. Pain created by us and directed unto others and ourselves.

Every action that originates from our emotions rather than our spirit will inevitably become a drain on our soul. Devitalizing, compromising and challenging in a way that will call out a battle. Simply using the word “battle” in explanation brings forth a feeling of shame and inadequacy. The energy required to battle is increasingly immense. Increasing because of the state of denial that most of the planet chooses to live, denial of the truth, denial of more, denial of our raw authentic beings.

As the world, human’s continue to insist on living in such an unharmonious manner destruction unfolds. A negative thought, unjust words, unfavorable actions against any species that shares our space produces a new scar that will take time and energy to heal. Healing has begun and is underway. Healing of the heart, healing of the soul, healing of our physical bodies and healing of our mental wellbeing.

Through chaos comes confusion, through confusion comes judgment, through judgment comes anger and eventually hate. As a well is about to run dry, we turn off the pump in order to allow the reservoir to replenish, so too is the need to turn off the pumping of anger and cruelty into the atmosphere. The way to accomplish this is through unconditional love and patience.

Watch as the lines of frustration dissipate the next time you greet negativity with compassion. Feel the energy shift from one direction to another. With diligence we can do this. Love is the last and first piece of the puzzle. With love in our hearts we come to understand the needs of others. With love we can transform unnecessary wants into worthwhile needs.

Carry with you always, an abundance of patience and understanding and your plate will never be void of nourishment for either others or yourself.

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