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Forgiveness: to truly forgive is enlightenment in any given situation. Forgiving is one of the most difficult and time-consuming lessons for most humans to master. When we learn to not take any words or actions personally, when we are truly capable of not judging a situation; forgiveness becomes achievable at a core level. Often times we tell ourselves and others that forgiveness has taken place when in actuality that forgiveness was only lying on the surface of our souls, it needs to penetrate our core self. You will feel this when it happens, you will feel light, airy and vibrant.

Often times the actions that we think are facilitating forgiveness do not actually require forgiveness to begin with because universal laws differ from societal laws. For the most part, people do not intend to be hurtful therefore forgiveness in un-called for. If an action was taken or words spoken as a result of inflammation of emotions and ego feels the need to inject pain unto a fellow soul, then indeed forgiveness of ourselves and others is crucial to our spiritual development. For those who have a tendency to react rather than take pause, they need to learn the art of response.

Response differs from reaction in the sense that a response originates from a collective use of lessons learned throughout a lifetime and previous lifetimes. A reaction is often times an easier route to take at first glance because it does not require self-control or compassion. The ego does not have any use for love or compassion. Ego survives off of power, greed and the endless need to be right. The soul does not associate with these terms. A response to a situation is soulful, spiritual and energetic. It strives for harmony and equality for all those involved.

A response looks for the path of least resistance just like the flow of water. The reaction of ego finds entertainment in resistance, it loves a good battle. Deflating another soul is encouraging to ego; it smiles a crooked smile when it is successful in instigating trouble. Once the bearer of ego sees the light of love and compassion and truly understands the damage incurred unto all souls involved the bearer will then prefer the choice of response to reaction. To respond requires time, time requires patience, and patience requires love. Everything eventually inevitably comes back to peace, love and happiness.

If one is truly soulful there will be no exceptions to this universal truth. Life is confusing, it is challenging, it can be tumultuous but life is always forgiving if you ask it to be. If you believe that you are being “picked on” and that you are unloved then that is how your story will be played out. If you make the conscious decision to look at each trial and tribulation as an opportunity for growth then you will find the meaning in every circumstance that presents itself to you. If you believe in a higher ground, if you are patient in your learning, if you place complete faith and trust in an unknown outcome you will feel free and vibrant.

All of this is true as long as you go through your days with intentions compiled of love and compassion. Ask for peace and you will feel peace, ask for calm and you will find calm. Help others understand this concept; many are lacking this knowledge but are not unfamiliar with the concepts as this is buried deep within their roots. We have all lived successfully in this manner but humanity has fallen off track in this time period. Once people begin to wake up and observe their true reality, life on earth will shift in a direction of collective harmony. People will come to see that the destruction that has resulted quite simply is a result of selfish living. Once all that inhabit the earth are willing to feed themselves last, the poles will then return to their origin.

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