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Open A New Door

Open your arms to the world, embrace all that is before you. Do not fret, worry, brood or fear the possibilities that lie in your wake. The voice of fear creates apprehension; you are not a prisoner in the cell of fear. Reach through the bars and turn the key to open a new door. You need to allow the light to shine freely and continuously, if the flame begins to flicker add another log to your fire.

Make room for expansion within yourself to allow lessons to flow effortlessly through your window of everlasting growth. With focused intention you will continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Remember the strength in groups. Companions of spiritual growth increase our momentum and the vortex will become wider and more effective. With enough stored energy and love for the planet and universe there will be possibilities worldwide. Over time you will reach far away places that at this time seem so far away.

Remember dreams and ambitions are as close or as distant as your intentions allow them to be. Dreams become reality with persistence and resilience. There is a difference between persistence and forcefulness. If a piece of the puzzle does not fit, pick up another piece and try again. Keep things simple, as complications are a result of our thoughts that are limited by society. Life is not meant to be complicated. Yes, it can be complex but complexity differs from complicated. Complexity requires soul-based responses as situations arise. A complex situation is like a layered cake. Each layer providing a different taste, smell and experience.

Savour each layer as you solve your mysteries, this is where the true enjoyment exists. Be excited, ambitious, selfless and motivated by the correct purposes. Our purpose here is to become coherent with all that exists in all realms. All realms exist simultaneously and all are true realties within each other. Have fun and be free.

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