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Step One in the Transformation of Your Being

Look for the positive in all situations no matter how futile they may appear at first or second or even third glance. Sometimes, often times you will need to look deep into the eye of the storm to see the calm but it truly does exist. This search will take time and energy but enjoy solving the mysteries. Allow your light to reach the far away realms where true learning and growth transpires.

Remember hate, anger, jealousy, rage, pain and suffering are extinguished with love alone. Feel the energy of all those around you as you carry on your journeys as one. Surround yourself with compassion and peaceful warriors of the universe. Together you will harvest the fruits that you have sown as a whole. There is a huge potential in working coherently in group gatherings. Sharing, experiencing, learning, teaching and simply caring for each other will bring peace globally and universally.

Be weary of your mind that is an instigator of trouble. Release your fears and apprehensions once you acknowledge their presence. Like a poker game the chips will fall regardless. To reach your fullest potential spiritually you must learn what your fears truly are. This is one of the most difficult of the human lessons.

Listen to your heart and you will hear the murmur of many emotions, fear will be one of the many voices speaking. Most people attempt to ignore the voice of fear or rather pretend that they do not have any fears in need of being acknowledged. We all have fears, even at this dimension where I reside. The fears tend to take on a different form and our response to them may change but they do exist.

Do not be afraid. Being fearful gives your fear credit where credit is undeserved. Your fears affect your physical body and the state of your mind. Your mind needs to cohabitate with your heart and remember that your heart is a reflection of your soul. Remind yourself that fears are based on what society tries to tell you. Society tells you many things through the course of a lifetime but if left to society alone our lessons would be few.

Learn about your fears through meditation and discussion with those who you believe have acquired your trust. Pay attention to your emotional response and vibrational resistance as experiences present themselves to you.

Once you begin to recognize your fears you will then be privy to the restrictions that they have placed within your life without your consent. You will not feel comfortable with these restrictions as you will feel like they limit your true abilities and capabilities. The more you give the more you will receive. Breathe deeply, think beautiful thoughts and focus on faith and trust in the divine.

Through your belief in a spiritually based universe our souls merge with our knowledge and this is where learning transpires. By use of creative outlets we will be able to address our fears quite well. Acknowledge that your fears actually exist. This is step one in the transformation of your being.

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