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Chapter 12: Times Are Changing

Steph: Good morning to all our guides, teachers, and protectors. Ustro mentioned to me that we are in the heat of powerful times, a spiritual movement of sorts. I have since read various other authors who also speak of this. Can anyone elaborate on these changing times?

Solomon: Times are changing. Things are beginning to shift. Movements of all sorts are underway. Some are natural, and some are not. Nature will always prevail even when it seems like a losing battle. The authentic power of the people is very influential. We can move rocks the size of mountains merely by using awareness and intention.

Fear can dominate all other emotions if left to breed. We are seeing a strong awakening and remember how humans tend to learn. You have heard the expression, “Hitting rock bottom?”

This term can apply to your current era. The human race has lost sight, but the universe is compassionate and patient. The wheels are in motion. Do not make decisions based on fear, because those decisions only reflect our intellect, not our spirituality.

Understand that the way the world operates currently is outdated, past its prime, expired. What do you do with your expired yogurt? You keep it awhile longer in your fridge for no particular reason until it grows moldy and toxic, at which time you realize that that yogurt that started out as a beautiful culture has been neglected and that which once served a beneficial purpose must be discarded and replaced with new. Our ways, our traditional ways, are still retrievable as long as we are successful in skimming off the top layer of film and stirring the pot, so to speak.

Engage in what you are drawn to. March to the rhythm of your own soul, value the opinions of others, but remember your path is directed only by your own intuition—no one else’s. Plan not to react. Bear in mind that you are on a journey to learn, teach, care, and nurture. If you follow these steps in accordance with the lessons of self-love, you will find peace. This awareness is awakening and re-emerging in many during this time. Feel it and live it, as it is all that is.

Steph: Good evening, universe and all that transpires within it. We have been discussing the changing times within our world. Does anyone have a message that they would like to share with us today?

Sherman H. Harlow: The seasons are shifting, as is the universal consciousness. The light within human kind has been switched on, and many will be seeking answers to questions that they ponder daily. The collectiveness of all is moving in a direction of higher learning and understanding.

These times have been created by all souls, and simultaneously we embark on this journey of learning about our true nature. Our true nature is growth in a soulful sense as opposed to a material sense. This material importance is becoming mundane and boring to many, and therefore, it is dissipating while making way for more valuable belief systems and priorities. As we reprioritize and reorganize our lives to allow room for spiritual growth, we will become more energized and feel vitalized. This feeling will be a pleasant and a welcome change for many. Life is in an upward motion, not just for those within arm’s reach, but for all souls within the universe. Guide each other through compassion, patience, and understanding.

The state of the world’s economics is reflective of the state of our spiritual well-being as a whole. Humanity has strayed too far from the ground in which our roots reside. There are many souls that have yet to feel and experience dirt between their toes. The soil is our source of grounding and our place of connection and conductivity of spiritual refinement. Remove your rubber soles and place your feet in the dirt. As you experience this feeling of connectedness to your source, remind your mind of your purpose for being here. Is your purpose here to consume, destroy, and continuously build upon your acquisitions of material goods and useless commodities that add to the global economy of greed and narcissism?

This is not your purpose, nor is it the purpose of your fellow souls. Your purpose is far more meaningful and exemplary of human interaction with all living creatures. Economics disables the natural harmonious way of being simply by existing. Economics are a by-product of the ego, which has been allowed to transform into power and greed. The division that has developed as a result of this misused power has become too great, and the authentic power within us all has stepped in with the intent to rectify an unstable and unsustainable societal clause known to man as money.

The current economic state worldwide is showing signs of crumbling and dismantling. Do not be afraid of this transition; remember resilience as you feel this new beginning. With dedication to all life, we will reach a place of universal understanding. Our misguided thoughts have led us to the dependency of money for our survival, but this illusion has reached a dead end. We must find an alternate route as we return to source. We are source.

Money is not and will never be our savior. Love is our true path of finding our road to recovery. We have a long road ahead of us on this journey, but it is necessary for this evolution to evolve fully and completely. The removal of economics will bring fully enlightened liberation to all. When the currency of self- improvement in a materialistic sense is demobilized, we will return to our true currency of universal self-representation as a whole.

We are here to grow and prosper alongside all life in unison, not in opposition. If humanity continues to be opposed, the battle for essential needs and nonessential things will destroy what we are actually all about, which is to find peace and tranquility in all avenues of ourselves. Our own roots are the avenues to all other roots. If we sever our roots from the roots of all other natural living souls, we are severing our own breath.

The group: Simply apply and share the principles that are being introduced to you and you will begin to live in a reality that accepts and promotes change within your space and time on earth. Wander down this road of love and compassion, seeking clarity and brilliance.

Brilliance is a word that needs to be rediscovered. Brilliance can be seen from all realms and grows in leaps and bounds simply by acknowledging its presence. Brilliance is eternal energy in its finest, purest form. It is energy undirected by human intervention. It is light undisturbed. It is white and magical. It does not have matter but does matter. The energetic force of brilliance surrounds our spirits and magnifies universal wisdom. How do we achieve brilliance? With focused attention on all that symbolizes the heart, compassion, understanding, empathy, and clarity of the spiritual realm.

Focus your thoughts and understand the gift of the words left unspoken. Feel the currents of freedom rush through your physical body and out through your soul. We are capable of bearing witness to all dimensions if only we believe—believe in ourselves, believe in others and the belief in the truth that reflects the building blocks of the universe. Ancient civilizations have built their temples one block at a time, and with one foul swoop, those temples can be dismantled but never destroyed.

We are here to create and to imagine the possibilities that lay before us. We as humans have created beautiful tools in which to draw from. These tools assist in our teachings and understandings. Find the tools that suit your needs, and implement them in ways that you see fit. For some, it may be writing; for others, it may be creating beautiful images. For others, it may be conquering a magnificent mountaintop. The tools for self-discovery are endless and at our disposal.

Acknowledge how your thoughts come to you. Although thoughts are of the mind, they are imperative to our growth. New ways of thinking will need to take place. Think of this as a lesson in creative thought. The use of color in thought is a very wonderful and powerful tool. Words can be replaced or summarized by using colors. Some colors are calming and healing; some are energizing; and others evoke a sense of pain or despair.

Understanding the use of colors will bring you closer to energy, and in turn, closer to the universal laws and our own souls. Shapes, geometry, and symbols are also great tools for understanding, learning, and healing. All three have been used without failure throughout the ages. Energy is able to take on any shape at any time. Symbols bring forth awareness; learn to recognize their meanings. By simply focusing our attention on a symbol or a shape, we are able to develop an intention. With intention we form an outcome.

Listen, remember, realize, dream, and wonder. Use your imagination and the tools that have been created for you by others who are simply extensions of yourselves, as you recognize that times are changing.

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