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Mastery of Your Inner Garden

For those of you who have doubt about your abilities to contribute to the world in an enlightening way, ask for gratitude to enter your heart when these thoughts occur. Appreciate apprehension as a tool to master denial of your true being or spirit, your soul, your source of energy that grounds you to everlasting light and love.

Humans all learn this way; it is part of all lessons. Questions require answers and answers provoke thoughts and feelings. The true challenge comes when migrating from a material oriented world to one of spiritual mastery. You will need to simulate a life of connection between your non-physical reality and the obscure reality that resides all around you. You will find a way to contribute in this complex manner as you have already set your course.

Stay true to what you believe, listen with contentment and peace of mind that all that you do, comes from a higher ground that you feel all around. Be clear and concise when expressing your heart. Master your words; master your talents of communication, as this is one of our greatest gifts. Unwrap this gift with patience and delight. Teach others the lost art of communication and you will be able to challenge those who struggle with this to become whole and complete loving open beings empowered by their own choices.

Let go of ego; embrace the word humble. We are all equal with needs to be addressed in the hopes of reaching a place of completeness as one. We have always been one, will continue to be one and will work together as one. The universe calls out to all those souls who have the strength, the courage, the patience, the resilience and faith to set all courses straight. As you can see, the physical world around you is falling apart at the seams but together with intent, all this will change.

Times of greed and hate will dissipate. Gather in groups to foster the truth. Practice makes perfect, as we all know this to be true. Like driving a car or learning a new skill or learning to walk as a baby, these are lessons we can’t abade. The same is true for spiritual growth. Embrace the lessons of compassion. Ask for happiness in yourself and all else will follow. Do not judge the decisions made by others and they will not affect your own journey unless of course you allow that to happen.

Walk with integrity in your step and others will follow your lead. Live what you learn without concern of an outcome. Seek the courage required to address your fears. Courage is a companion of love, they reside in the same home, share the same door. Think of these traits as vegetables in your garden. Tend to them daily and you will see them grow. Their roots will become strong; their stems like tree trunks and their flowers will warm even the coldest of hearts.

Surround yourselves with beautifulness as this will act as a fertilizer for your garden. As you harvest your garden new growth will occur. The more you love, the more love that you will sow. Live strong and free for that is all that you should be.

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