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The Energy Exchange of a Lunar Eclipse

Stef: This morning I asked for a message from our guides on the lunar eclipse that we will experience this evening and how it affects us collectively and individually. The significance of the message compelled me to share what I wrote. As usual I deliver these insights verbatim and leave them for your own interpretation. The following passage is information has the capacity to influence the planet in an unexplainable manner should we decide to utilize this idea to the best of our abilities. I urge all who feel resonance with these words to share them as you see fit.

My message from this morning:

You must not allow the influences of others affect you as they do. We understand the value humans place on opinions, objectives, ideas and the like of their fellow human beings yet the impact of taking all this to heart can lead to a misguided, inflated ego or conversely a closed and shallow heart that feels vulnerable to exposure.

Place your trust entirely in your higher being and the support that is available through avenues that many do not understand nor acknowledge. Create an amplified extension of source energy around your physical self. This protection of outside influence will provide for you a means by which to negate that which does not serve you. To do this, visualize an exuberant golden light protruding from the e the world around you. This light magnifies the energetic wavelengths that to most are invisible yet are very much present. Envision and feel this golden light surrounding every millimeter of your body including the soles of your feet. Feel this golden light penetrate your current energetic self and radiate your every cell.

In this radiation of light all darkness will disappear and since ego resides in darkness you will feel less inclined to succumb to ego-based ideas such as that which people say matters. As habitual creators, the ego will still have a certain stronghold even with this new light embracing your being but with continued diliginatic strength of practice you will diffuse ego’s strength.

Tonight, on this extraordinary moon, would be a magnificent time to infuse yourself with this new light force energy. For the moon tonight is at its prime as it absorbs all the shadows cast by the earth, both collective and individual. The idea of the golden light absorbing the darkness is represented in the lunar eclipse as a prominent example in this healing power through radiant light. As the moon then begins to cast it’s light, by which the sun is the provider, the darkness is overshadowed by the light. Remember, the sun is an energy exchange, so in this process on a full lunar eclipse the sun plays a major role in the exchange of negative energy.

The redness of the moon that is displayed once the light begins to remove the darkness is created by the inferno of negative desires and beliefs. Think of the abundance of negativity that is cast by the shadow of the earth. This process of the lunar eclipse is a major earth cleanse, an opportunity for the world in which you reside to shed layers of unwanted filth. It is time for you and others to understand the intricacies of this phenomenon beyond the science and the moon and it’s phases relative to the location of the earth and the sun.

There is a metaphysical aspect of this process that is yet to be discovered or divulged to the masses and it is time that it is. This is an opportunity for exponential growth as the dark shadows of fear are absorbed by the energetic force fields of the sun and the moon. Utilize this precious time, as it should be.

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