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Joxer Daley July/2000-Oct/14/2015

I went only to look. This is a hopeless outcome for me when there is an animal involved. We have two dogs as a result of only going to look.

Joxer Daley. We were in Ontario at the time visiting old friends of mine from years that seem so long ago, they’re more like fossils than current memories that are composed of vibrant fragrances and colors. Why is it that memories fade as they do? This is the reason why I have always been the picture taker. The one shooting all the beauty that sets foot in my path. Thinking at the time that there is no way I could ever forget such a scene but knowing full well that I will. I will forget the vibrancy, not the feeling but the vibrancy, which to me is a superb caption of colors, textures, expressions and mood that sets the tone for the entire scene. I do not want to lose the feeling that is found in a picture.

Today Joxer became a memory in my mind, but a soul expeditionary of the unseen world where he now resides. His body succumbed to the test of time yet his heart extends past time and into the realm where linearity does not exist. Where time stands still because it has nowhere to go. His presence in such a place is felt by universes that we do not know of yet but when we join the Joxers of the world we will not only remember the exuberance and infinity of our own but we will also be reunited with the extent of all existence.

I have come to a place within that death is but the birth of life. Death is a dying belief that when the physical body fails to function so too does the soul. This antiquated idea originates from our distance to our origin, our source. It’s my belief that as we awaken to life and the purpose of it, we begin to replenish our belief systems with our memories of where we came from, where we are here on earth, why and where we return to when our souls make the passage from the costume of life on earth to the naked truth of who we are.

I do not think of Joxer or any of those who have passed through this reality as dead. Death is a word that represents only the word itself. This word should not appear in dictionaries to come. If we change our dictionaries to represent an era of texting then does it not seem reasonable to make changes that reflect the spiritual evolution that is under way?

Joxer Daley, named after a character in a play I once saw, is alive. He is the lead role in his template that takes form when he chooses and remains unseen when he does not. I am but a character in his worlds and who knows what roles I am playing simultaneously to this one but whatever it is, it is love.

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