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A Message from Solomon

We are here to create, exemplify, magnify, witness, experience, learn, teach and master our creations that enable us to disable our negative habitual patterns that keep us stuck and stranded. Patterns that keep us apart from our higher selves and in alignment with negative aspects of ourselves.

We are here to share with you the meanings, the understanding that the universe is here to support all your efforts. To find alignment, wisdom and knowing that we are all one, that we are all connected. That the Earth is your home for now, it is your sanctuary. It’s your place of calm if that’s what you’d like it to be or it is your place of chaos if you choose this to be your route. We are merely here to inform you that this is not where you need to be. That you do not need to be in a state of chaos or a place of hurt that you may find yourself in from time to time.

The signature of the universe is much different than that which you experience on your earth in moments of anger, fear and frustration. The signature of the universe is marked with a capital “L”. Love. Love features all the emotions that make you feel happy, that bring you peace, calm and contentment. They are the emotions that move aside resentment, jealousy, control, the need to move through your ego as opposed to your heart.

The biggest lesson we are here to share is the lesson of love. It seems simple, ordinary, commonplace and an over used word but the reason why it’s an overused word is because this is necessary. There is something to be said about repetition. Within repetition there is the opportunity for lessons to be engrained on a deeper level. It takes determination, strength, diligence, will power and a clear mindset to overcome the patterns of behaviour that lead you down a path that your heart does not want to go.

There is always a choice in every situation, in every moment of every day. It doesn’t matter who you are encountering, what they have to say, how they have to say it; your response is a choice. It’s your choice. It’s no one else’s. It’s not theirs. It’s not the person standing behind them. It’s not your parents who taught you to respond in a certain way. It’s not your teachers from the past that have engrained their behaviours into your own being. These are your choices.

You have a certain responsibility to others to be an example, a true reflection of who you know you are. If you are uncertain as to who you are, now is the time to find out. Not tomorrow. Not the next day. Not five years from now. Not ten or fifteen and certainly not on your dying day. Now is the time to decide what you want to redefine, rediscover and reevaluate in your own belief systems, your own morals and ethics. Now is the time to be aware of your strategies, your equations, your precise and accurate movements and your abilities to determine how, when and where you will do something or not do something.

You have a choice in all these matters and in that choice you have the choice to see or not to see how your actions will be reviewed by others. In this choice you have the choice to decide to see or not to see if that matters to you. As long as you’re living and moving through compassion with respect for all souls and all beings, you do not need to have the approval from those around you.

This is something that the ego needs. This is not something that is required by the soul, the heart. This need for approval only feeds the ego. It feeds that hungry lion that just wants to roar, show it’s dominance and bare it’s teeth when required. The ego needs to be tamed and the heart is its master. This may seem harsh if you were the ego but the ego is a tool. A tool that has been misused, misrepresented, misguided, misled, whatever word you choose to use. Ego is not the dominant force within you. It is not what is required to move through love. It’s the opposite.

This isn’t a concept that is new to many of you but again it’s about the repetition. It’s a friendly reminder from those on the other side. There is a relationship to be built and to be nurtured for we need our ego. It has a purpose but it’s being overworked and therefore overplayed in terms of what it is actually capable of.

So to come from the place of the heart and move through life with love in every moment, compassion for all and respect for one another we need to set our ego’s on the back burner. It will be there to be drawn upon when needed, which now in your time is very seldom. The ego is an old tool, one that’s now rusty and really it’s time to replace it altogether but as a collective you’re not quite there yet. There are still some procedures that need to be put into place before humanity as a whole can completely let go of ego but that time will come. The more of you that can come to terms with this idea, the quicker the whole will understand this as well.

The ability of each of you to create the change that you are seeking, to live the life that you want to lead is tremendous. There’s no shortage on any level in any of you to do exactly what it is that you would like to do. As you set forth on your path of creation, as you marvel at the world around you, as you sit in awe of the moon and the stars and the mountains, we feel your presence. We reflect to you all the love that you reflect to us and in that reflection we become one.

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