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Solomon Speaks on Self-Love

Standing up for yourself and having self-respect are the best tools in your defence mechanism that humans have created for themselves. This is yet another expression of love. Self-love is the foundation of every ones pillar. If self-love is not present there is no need to start building upon your foundation, it will crumble; it’s doomed. It can’t withstand the test of time in any situation because life will through you punches, it always does. Now in this time, that’s not to say this will always be the case, but right now in your world, in your time and how you’re experiencing this reality; you will get hit by negativity over and over and over. I’m sure you can all relate to this in one capacity or another. Sometimes it seems that some tend to get knocked down a little bit more than others but this is all in perception.

Self-love is the first ingredient in any recipe. The best way to build self-love, if it is lacking, is to surround yourself with people that know you. People that you trust, that you value, that you respect and that you will listen to when they tell you that you’re an amazing, beautiful, loving, caring and energetic person. If it takes the foundation of others for you to start to build your own foundation, then draw upon that. Eventually you will have your own foundation that was supported by those around you yet is your own.

Once you have set your foundation and you find yourself being hit by someone’s negativity, you will be able to allow those seemingly personal attacks to not be personal. They will flow right through you and back to the universe. You will be untouched, unscathed and unscarred because they just won’t matter, they won’t mean anything to you. They are just words that are coming from a place that you don’t understand and nor should you because it’s not your place to understand. Your place is to understand that your foundation is built on self-love and trust, dedication to your soul and to those around you. You become less dedicated to trying to understand why people are choosing to throw swords at you.

The things you can do to find self-love are endless but they all come down to following your heart in every situation. Listen to your inner being, your intuition and start doing the things that bring your soul pleasure. Start by doing the things you love to do because when you do the things you love to do with the people that you love, you become more in alignment with who you really are. It is within this alignment that lies the power within to build your foundation one step at a time. This could happen overnight or it may take years. It all depends on how you want to do things. The more time you spend doing things and being around people, plants and animals, and in a state of grace and gratitude, the more in alignment you are with your higher being. When you’re in alignment with your higher being then the more you’re in alignment with source.

This is where magic happens, this is where those miracles are created, this is where your potential begins to express itself. There’s no need to be guarded. There’s no need to doubt. There’s no need to question why or why not someone is acting in a way that you may or may not agree with. You will get to a place where you won’t even notice these things because you won’t be in alignment with them so you won’t be feeling them, they won’t be expressing themselves in a reality that you can see.

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