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Stef: This is an excerpt from A Soulful Awakening that was channeled about a year and a half ago. It is one of our favorites and one that I’m grateful and excited to share. Happy reading and contemplating!

Coral: Serenity is the path to travel. Hold serenity in the highest regard. We are here to learn and teach collectively from each other. We shall rise above fear and pain. We shall move closer to divinity through diligence and belief. We together are very strong and are gaining strength daily. The movement is very encouraging to all.

The language of the soul is universal. Peace, love, and compassion do not need passports to cross the borders of society. All they need is intention. From the hills of Somalia to the plains of Pakistan, from the rocky cliffs of Atlantic Canada to the Seven Wonders of the World, to all the wonders left undiscovered. We are all one. Our roots caress each other and share their warmth.

The spiritual well-being of every single cell that inhabits the earth relies on one another, and all have the same origin. The universe is our birthplace; earth is merely a classroom to foster our inner truths. Humanity has seemed to stray from our true understandings, but things are changing. Evolution is underway. These are revolutionary times that we are all a part of. It is really quite magnificent to witness.

Our ultimate achievement is to vibrate on a consistent level continuously and simultaneously with our fellow souls. When our physical bodies are weak and tired, we vibrate on a lower frequency. When we engage in emotional torment, we enable our energy to fluctuate, creating highs and lows. These fluctuations will affect all else, as we are all one.

We are all looking for the same answers to the same questions—questions that flow far beyond life on earth. We were not put here on earth; we chose to be here. We did not choose to be slaves to money; we did not choose to be slaves to greed, power, and ego. We did not choose to be representatives of fear and anger. These are born as a by-product of misrepresentation of our purpose on this planet.

The road to recovery is being paved, and it is time to choose a new course. If we choose this course as one, as a whole, collectively, the road will widen and breach the banks of uncertainty.

Let go of your insecurities as they serve society, not your soul. When we walk with truth in our hearts, we are able to let go of the anchor that binds our souls. Our souls are meant to be free—free to roam and explore. They are meant to be weightless and energetic. When we as humans are fearful of the unknown, we anchor ourselves to an emotion that debilitates our spirit and our physical self. By placing complete faith in ourselves, those we trust on earth, and our universe, we enable our souls to roam as they please, which is with ease.

Allow for new doors to open as others close. Look for opportunities to present themselves to you in unconventional ways. There is so much more to experience. Refrain from spinning without a destination. Seek clarity within your heart. Within your heart resides your innermost desires and ambitions. Create new boundaries for yourself, as your current ones may have expired. Relinquish thought processes that are not your own that you have adopted along the way. To see your heart clearly, you must remove all thoughts completely and feel your inner self.

Connect yourself through vision and intentions to all the souls. Caress and nurture your spirit, as this is truly what it needs. It is difficult at times, of course, but believe in your intuition, your strength, your courage, your patience, and your determination. Follow your own yellow brick road to clarity. Return to your roots that are intertwined with the rest of the world and universe. Draw from this endless, vast source of energy and wisdom as needed. It is there for all to drink from and contribute to.

Become a contributor rather than merely a consumer. Find your passion and embark on your life here with full attention on your inner self and the non-physical world that resides all around you. Walk your road while savoring every step. This is your creation, so create your own beautiful play of happiness.

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